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Sunday, 20. January 2019, 19:12

Author: HealerInRed

More Hotbars

Like what jsimpson said - Need a box for skill stacking like we have for pets. Place the skills such as self-buffs in the slots and instead of numerous clicks - one click starts you on your way to self-buff or even helping others with buffing. Kinda like opening Chaos balls. Four clicks too many....

Friday, 18. January 2019, 23:55

Author: HealerInRed

5x5 bag slots

More not less do the math - 6 x 4 = 24 where as 5 x 5 = 25...

Monday, 22. October 2018, 14:04

Author: HealerInRed

Haven't played in years thinking of a return

What's PVP... LOL Read Patch notes to catch up. Still the same game just less gold from kills and drop rate is so-so unless you pot up... Welcome back...

Monday, 23. July 2018, 13:58

Author: HealerInRed

Server Buffs

Nice to see perhaps after a Quiz or random GM event to perk up player base..

Saturday, 19. May 2018, 16:32

Author: HealerInRed

Trying to make sense of this

Does that now mean it's do-able and can be added to a future update option list ?

Tuesday, 6. March 2018, 18:40

Author: HealerInRed

Skill point Jumper

Quoted from "Surestrike" Why not just add a 185 jump potion...smh...sorry for this sarcastic statement but, I am in agreement with omac. They already do this in a way - called Gifting Toon .. Instant cap for select few that can do it...

Wednesday, 7. February 2018, 16:44

Author: HealerInRed

Return of the Vanquished Lady !!

Help the Lady find her Luck .. 100 Chaos Balls 15 Tower Boxes 15 Upgrade Boxes 20 Experience Boxes 20 Skill Experience Boxes 10 Recovery Boxes

Saturday, 19. August 2017, 14:51

Author: HealerInRed

What is with this launcher text?

It looks like braille.. Must be the new LC for the blind version TBA at a later time.. jk...

Sunday, 6. August 2017, 17:37

Author: HealerInRed

Little sympathetic

Be wonderful if there were Spawn cards for all the Boss monsters.... Add them to the Monsters Combo .....

Sunday, 11. June 2017, 19:15

Author: HealerInRed

Where are all the "old" guides?!

Try this - Home - Last Chaos - Guides & Information

Sunday, 6. November 2016, 18:50

Author: HealerInRed

Guide for SP farming

What everyone forgets to mention about locking xp at 100% is that you will continue to level when you grind . You need to be in a Solo or regular party to get the full benefit from 100% lock.

Thursday, 29. September 2016, 14:59

Author: HealerInRed

Almost 2017 and Still no 1080p or even 1366x768?

They've been toiling on LC for so long - some are ready for early retirement..... Rock the Khan !! <3 !!

Sunday, 11. September 2016, 14:20

Author: HealerInRed

Checking the Wiki

Some quests do have a level limit and will be removed from your quest listing if not turned in before that ... Rock the Khan !! <3

Friday, 24. June 2016, 18:05

Author: HealerInRed

No one to party with?

Compares to using a mercenary card except its in toon form. Rock the Khan !! >3 !!

Thursday, 16. June 2016, 17:07

Author: HealerInRed

Brainstorming: What's Beneath the Waters of the Irisian Continent?

If one is going to explore an undersea world they need a good undersea pet - The Seahorse would be awesome if designed both to carry the player and also have attack/defense allowances. Rock the Khan !! <3 !!

Thursday, 7. January 2016, 02:21

Author: HealerInRed

Master stones

Apprentice Stones - Some fail while some suceed Rock the Khan ! <3 !!

Tuesday, 5. January 2016, 16:59

Author: HealerInRed

US | Server Events Calendar

If possible make special events like these with a duration of 12 hrs. Rock the Khan ! <3

Monday, 9. November 2015, 20:17

Author: HealerInRed

Guardian System

Another way is to highlight the names one by one clicking them and canceling the request until you uncover the name of the Guardian you are looking for. Rock the Khan <3

Thursday, 17. September 2015, 16:51

Author: HealerInRed

Farming question

I believe that Boss Erebus will still drop a Relic Box when killed by any level player. Rock the Khan !! <3 !!

Monday, 10. August 2015, 20:15

Author: HealerInRed

Disconnect and Login Problems

That good'ol LC withdrawal is starting to surface !! Rock the Khan !! <3 !!