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Monday, 3. February 2020, 20:53

Author: Zab123

Old school LC

Good Afternoon all, Hope this post finds the devs. As a returning player I’ve noticed a lot of has changed since 2009 (obviously); though I am enjoying the game as it is right now my only suggestion would be possibly creating a server similar to old lc where max could be +15; highest level 90 or so. I believe it’ll attract the old players to start playing again. Hopefully I can get some traffic on this post and push further. Thanks for reading. GreenHornet

Wednesday, 29. January 2020, 20:23

Author: Zab123

Creating new character and character selection

Hello, Are you guys able to create a new character ? I am unable to see creating a new character screen, it’s just a bunch of blank and empty space. The characters are not visible while trying to create a new character. Moreover, I am unable to see my already existing character on character selection screen. Maybe it’s a bug? Or maybe something wrong with my installation but I’ve reinstalled the game and no changes. Please advise, Best, GreenHornet

Wednesday, 29. January 2020, 20:19

Author: Zab123

Wtb 173 hr mage staff + 28-30!

Since you opened this, I wtb mage armor too! 171-173 Eva set. PM GreenHornet (: Thanks have a good day!