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Tuesday, 28. April 2020, 13:48

Author: Brisbane

Each Maintenence pushes me further away

To who it may concern, I have played Last chaos for over 11 years now, and honestly i dont know why i continue, its been over 7 years since anything new has come out of the game, all i see from week to week is less and less players. At Christmas rumors started that their was going to be a new cap and possibly new content by the New year just gone. We are heading into our 5th month now and still nothing new besides the fact that there is more room to move due to less players. I do enjoy playing t...

Wednesday, 7. November 2018, 09:08

Author: Brisbane

Crashing Game

Hey , seems there is an issue with Siban and Roy, its not all the time although its happened over 3 weeks or so, also happened 3 days in a row, if I open roy or siban then move my mouse over an item the game crashes and turns off without any warnings, "Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION Fault address: 00D9CBDA 01:0029BBDA D:\Program Files (x86)\LastChaosUS\Bin\Engine.dll" im on windows 10, nothing has been changed on my side, its maybe been happing since 3 maints ago. Also if you read thi...