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Today, 05:00

Author: betavich.

Succubus question

December 2010 . I was complaining that the radius on the succubus pet was too large and could block the transporter ....

Saturday, 15. May 2021, 21:30

Author: betavich.

p1 skills

id like to see p1 skills get fixed or modded . p1 pony ,the animations and sounds are missing and it was never able to hit but I used it anyway . ( it bites and kicks ) p1 horse mount , the horse waves are missing , no sound . I am unsure how hurt p1 dragon is or not . ( no sound ) ? not exactly skills but to me they were . special note , if a mob got kicked by a p1 pony it would drop its hit points drastically . I guess the p1 skills never got finished properly , a real shame as it looks doable...

Wednesday, 21. April 2021, 15:31

Author: betavich.

epic battle

So, there I was , surrounded by hoards of hobgoblin raiders , kobald firebombers , and a cadre of undead spellcasters backed up with a gazillion spider wraiths .well needless to say I was wonderin what I was gonna do ,when all of a sudden who shows up ? nickadeemuskilzalotastuff on a purple hosredragon mount , ( don't know where he got it ) anyway he starts takin em out in groves so was all like yeah ! bring it ! and together me and nickadeemuskilzalotastuff beat back the hoards a hobgoblin raid...

Monday, 19. April 2021, 08:24

Author: betavich.

Future Plans to Optimize this Game?

ive seen this attempted before , the first map gets made runs great , but the development costs are extreme in terms of time effort collaboration and other factors . the project never gets finished for a lot of reasons . ive always insisted the maps could be repacked with unreal 4 or tank and rapid tank so they have modern textures that use 90 percent less memory , but if you do that the maps have to be repopulated and it would indeed be a lot of work , all the quests would be broken and would h...

Thursday, 4. March 2021, 11:28

Author: betavich.

vip server password fail

vip server password fail on valid account , it must be a glitch or network problems ? just letting you know .

Saturday, 9. January 2021, 09:10

Author: betavich.

spider help ( TOF )

go to merac ,find the giant larva , make a save spot , turn your ignition purple while you farm drops for some extra gold . go in tof use all buffs -pots , turn the ignition on and kill the mobs in the hall then the first room , you should be able to clear part of the second room too . if you want sp avoid the dungeon timer . if you want to level the dungeon timer is the thing .

Friday, 8. January 2021, 23:57

Author: betavich.

Returning Players Need Some Help

you need a horse mount and a pony . horse buffs are higher level now , I think they go up to 12 or 14 , I believe you need a level 49-52 mount , check at the pet trainer . do not put any faith in the socket - jewel system , expect the jewels to fail and downgrade every time . it took two wizards a healer and a rogue two years to make a level 36 horse , all grind for reals . good luck ,you will need it .

Sunday, 22. November 2020, 18:27

Author: betavich.

potential fallout ?

rollback ! fun to say fun to do : )

Friday, 20. November 2020, 09:27

Author: betavich.

Potential Fallout

lets see , a level 31 wizard should have 1 or 2 ml a level 85 wizard should have about 20 mil... wait they made a mistake and failed to deactivate roy ? oh nooo well guess now that some of the gold is unhidden they could do it again next maintenance , sure why not ? heck , why not reset the gold every maintenance for a couple of years , that would fix the dupers real good ... or we could set the gold limit to where it is now ? thatll make em level those bots real fast lol . should have been a pa...

Thursday, 19. November 2020, 07:57

Author: betavich.

Potential Fallout

you sure talk a lot for someone with three posts bensoncarter , your first post had to be edited because you seemed to advertise for a gold site . all duped gold in online games is illegal . anyone doing it is immoral . someday we will have laws in place that allow us to drill holes in ALL of their hard drives seize their assets and incarcerate them . unlike china we do not force prisoners to dupe gold in online games for money . all real world money transactions in online games is illegal . som...

Wednesday, 18. November 2020, 08:09

Author: betavich.

Potential Fallout

I do not think they are worried about money , or about a loss of it because there is no illegal gold n the game . they are doing it for fairness , no more controlling the auction house because you have that much gold . no more walking on our newbies with your gold . you are going to have to work extra hard now , just like a real player . got what it takes ? I doubt it . good luck . ( they wont last 5 minutes ) have a nice day .

Friday, 6. November 2020, 19:37

Author: betavich.

[GER] Gold Reset Valtopia

good idea but no . there are no gold spammers . and if anyone did buy gold , staff would catch it real fast . change the gold type and start at zero ? no , high levels have to retain some gold or they wont be able to get around and it would mean instant game death if they set it to zero . i believe all the high levels would have to have 10s of millions just to keep playing . of course we need to change to a gold type with a patent on it but how much would that cost ? not worth doing unless you d...

Sunday, 1. November 2020, 18:38

Author: betavich.

Make EVERY item breakable

< wants to destroy ALL bound items . smiles .

Tuesday, 12. May 2020, 13:38

Author: betavich.

Really bad lags

use disk cleanup . defrag your machine . when you start lc before you hit play , hit control alt delete open the task manager turn off dll host before you enter the game. it can connect you to outside source . how many tasks does your machine have running ,get the running tasks down ,turn off windows media player turn off everything it doesn't need .windows media interface yep turn that off too ..ect what country or state are you in ? what version of directx do you have ? can you run a trace rou...

Thursday, 30. April 2020, 00:40

Author: betavich.

test server new level cap

test server - new level cap ,want to help ? try the test server . that is what is happening . no sure where to play at 185 I don't see any non pvp maps to play on and im not going to pvp server so my name gets destroyed ... we need nonpvp maps . the cap is higher than the maps and than mobs on them . I got off subject a little , im depressed because level 185 test char has absolutely nothing to kill . why change the cap when its already game over ? got a level 185 and up nonpvp map ? well then w...

Thursday, 30. April 2020, 00:13

Author: betavich.

Boss Hunt Poll

decrease the spawn time = more lag more exploits . lately ive noticed worlds increasing the spawn time of bosses - lag and exploit related .( world L2 ) and others . if anything is going to spawn in random locations it is for sure going to be our pandoras . the coolest random spawning mobs in any world ever and far more important than any of the bosses because of the drops and gameplay .

Thursday, 2. April 2020, 18:49

Author: betavich.

inside out

wizards used to turn them ( inside out ) if they were not careful , find the spammer ,screen shot it so you can send . attempt to add them to your friends list ,since its spamming if its not set up right it will auto add . now open friends list pm them and say the magic words ,( go spam yourself ! ) it will spam in the pm instead of in world chat , boot them from your friends list , enjoy . other magic words , ( silence noob ) and ( be advised you have attempted to ply your trade on the wrong pe...

Tuesday, 18. February 2020, 10:46

Author: betavich.

Old school LC

this is gamigo lc forum we cannot talk about illegal servers , the forums use a point system , and our accounts can be sanctioned . I said too much the post got edited I lost points . the current team is improving the current version level cap 185 with high level gear and maps . making a retro lc and or using the map of old juno is not viable , you would have to remove all the mobs or it has too many flaws . i would love to make ... LCSP ... Last chaos ( single player ) while we are on the subje...