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Thursday, 27. May 2021, 03:08

Author: UNSEEN

Mondshine Quest Chain

If you started the quests and you went to kill the first boss in juno mine, check that ur inventory bag is not full, if its full quests wont count, because after u kill boss an item will be added auto to ur bag to be counted as finish quest, but if ur bag is full even if u kill the boss its for nothing.

Sunday, 9. May 2021, 15:14

Author: UNSEEN


just now i saw as i said at the begining that its been going on for a while no battles in this server, i didnt know it was like that when I was lower lvl until we decided to go and participate. And about the running around at killing, who started insulting when lost the battle to 3 players huh? and the over reaction in alber (pvp map kailux vs dilamun), it wasnt supposed to end up like this i could have fought alone 1v1 against the guy i killed in alber if he was mad about it, but no, someone fr...

Sunday, 9. May 2021, 03:38

Author: UNSEEN


just now i notice that it has been spoken about this years ago about no players coming to battle merac and dratan, today for me was the first day when i see a battle (merac) getting canceled after 1 min, because zero players register, i own dratan and since i got it no player challenged my guild for it and its been months!!! So we work on our characters, become stronger make guilds, some of us spend cash for what, there is nothing happening here, many players log in to see if there is anything n...

Monday, 26. April 2021, 04:15

Author: UNSEEN

EU server merg Elysion + Atlas

I have been thinking about this idea for a while now, since the server I play in is not very populated ( Elysion), I do not know how is it in Atlas server, but I would like to see if others thought about this too. I would like to play and meet more players and have more challenges in the game, maybe not all agree with this, in my opinion I think it might be a good idea to merge our servers

Sunday, 4. April 2021, 16:12

Author: UNSEEN

lvl 140

At lvl 130 you have a quest at the royal guard in juno, u need kill bosses in ebony mine / misty canyon / florian cave, after u finish u can go to streiana and pass through the door to enter mondshine and also u have a teleporter that can take u to tarian.

Monday, 1. March 2021, 16:38

Author: UNSEEN

UNSEEN - Elysion Ex-Ranger lvl190

Monday, 15. February 2021, 12:57

Author: UNSEEN

Challenge Event | Capraise event level 130+

Hello, I play in Elysion, and its my first time using forum! Please explain to me what does the 5 version mean, what are these 5 version talked about in this event? And do I have to do something after collecting 25 Ramslo boxes? Or just wait until 23.02 when event finish? Thank You for your time!