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Sunday, 6. June 2021, 14:24

Author: H5N1

Stat Guides? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

There is one big rule you can follow for your statpoints that fits every class: You need 100 specific statpoints for one skill and for other 1 or 2 skills 32 on other stats. Put the rest in con or whatever you think would fit to your playstyle. Knights and Titans don't need int and magical chars don't need strength - the rest ist up to you. If you need a guide, there is a wiki in german - I think google could translate the whole website... 301 Moved Permanently

Saturday, 29. May 2021, 10:35

Author: H5N1

Mondshine Quest Chain

Quest starts in Juno with Athi at the northern gate of Randol. Sometimes, the blueish glowing "Q" is missing although the NPC has a quest for you.

Saturday, 29. May 2021, 07:59

Author: H5N1

My impressions after two characters and many hours of play

So what is the purpose of your essay? Telling people, that you don't like the game because you played 2 characters to level 6(?)? To answer your questions: - the game was first released 15years ago - full screen is available in the options menu - the tutorial tells you exactly what to so, but you must read carefully - yes you can join a guild - you only need to find another player who can add you - there are other monsters on higher levels that drop the same items - to use your items in the inve...

Saturday, 15. May 2021, 08:28

Author: H5N1

Buffing Armor of Courage.

It is not useless, as it offers extra 6k HP for 35 sek. Scream of Warmaster ist only 3k HP but lasts 1 hr. In my opinion, both buffs are useful, one more for PvP, the other one more for PvE.

Monday, 10. May 2021, 17:01

Author: H5N1

new engine.

Good old serious sam engine does its job for about 14 years now. I highly doubt there are software engineers with Gamigo, who are able to transfer all the content to another engine...

Wednesday, 5. May 2021, 05:26

Author: H5N1

Unbind Stone

AS you use a masterstone to upgrade your equip, it will get bound to your character. Unbind stone reverses this binding so that you can store or trade that item again. Only works on items that aren't already character bound in the first place.

Thursday, 22. April 2021, 05:18

Author: H5N1

epic battle

...then you woke up.

Saturday, 17. April 2021, 11:58

Author: H5N1

Transferring a Pet

In other words step by step: 1. Make sure, your receiving character does NOT have a pet equipped 2. Equip the pet you want to send on sending character 3. Open the mailing marble on your sending character, type in the name of receiving character. 4. Put the transfer ticket into the square and confirm. 5. Log out for at least 15 minutes, better for about an hour. 6. As you log on receiving character, the sent pet should be equipped. If not, you can check if there is an item in your mailbox. If so...

Wednesday, 31. March 2021, 17:10

Author: H5N1

lvl 16 Chaos Aragonite

So the chaos-jeweles are NOT INTENTIONALLY limited to specific gear parts? Oh my...

Monday, 29. March 2021, 06:45

Author: H5N1

lvl 16 Chaos Aragonite

Neither a bug nor incorrectly labeled. The new jewelery follows some other rules than the ones we were used to. Chaos Corals lvl 16+ also are weapons only.

Saturday, 13. March 2021, 10:14

Author: H5N1

Connection error

If you didn't change anything on your system, try restarting your router by unplugging it for at least 2 minutes from power supply. Somehow the login server uses special ports in the connection which get deactivatet in the router config from time to time.

Friday, 5. March 2021, 07:14

Author: H5N1

Lost/Missing Armor Set after turning Lvl 31

Try to get enough space in your inventory and perform another level up. Normally, you get the 30-32+10 armor set (5 parts) and both 33+10 weapons (not quite sure if knight gets additional shield) when you reach level 30. That you got something for level 31 looks like you get another chances by leveling up one more if you miss something. Which server are you playing on? Maybe someone is willing to donor his/her unused gear...

Friday, 20. November 2020, 17:41

Author: H5N1

Major Flaw with Re: Gold Calculations...

Please be aware, that EVERY amount of gold is going to be decimized by a server dedicated factor. Therefore the value of the items will be the same, only the amount of gold on the server and with that the prices on P2P market will be lower. See it as a currency exchange, as if your gold now is like chinese yuan and will be british pound afterwards. Same value, dfferent number.

Tuesday, 10. November 2020, 16:31

Author: H5N1

Pet transfer fail

Are both of your toons on the same account? That's mandatory to transfer exp pets. Transfer can take up to 24 hours. Just keep logged out on the account and make sure the receiving toon does not have any pet equipped.