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Saturday, 19. June 2021, 06:01

Author: lionza4ever


Thanks beta wow i exactly started playing that same month same year lol

Saturday, 19. June 2021, 04:18

Author: lionza4ever

Succubus question

Anyone knows exactly when the succubus pets came out? year and month

Friday, 23. April 2021, 04:49

Author: lionza4ever


awesome battle xD cheers

Saturday, 28. November 2020, 06:53

Author: lionza4ever

Hey Luda

Nice job luda, i made a drawing of my rogue but kinda different style, and for respect better not show here Btw, you ever gonna sell me that akan sorc shirt? cheers

Wednesday, 25. November 2020, 17:16

Author: lionza4ever

Gold missing from my toons

Hi there, just logged in to check on my toons and all my gold is gone from my toons, i have 15b in bianca but last time i logged in i have about 50b only on that account. my NS had 20b on him, now he has 0, and theres 10b on bianca... and thats only 2 accounts.. who knows how much more i lost will this issue be solved soon?

Monday, 25. May 2020, 01:41

Author: lionza4ever


So as Knightmare sets were brought back as a special deal for cash, can we get the same deal for Shades? Thanks

Thursday, 9. January 2020, 04:09

Author: lionza4ever

Day/Night cycle in maps

that would be cool maybe in the future, who knows

Tuesday, 7. January 2020, 23:28

Author: lionza4ever

Day/Night cycle in maps

How about not just graphic/lightning, but also slightly change/increase/lower/etc things happening in the map that could affect the PVE?

Saturday, 16. November 2019, 23:24

Author: lionza4ever

Kanga roo inventory

Hey there, i wanted to know if theres a guide about Kanga roo inventory unlocking and what lvls you need on every socket. So far ive unlocked 2, lvl 15 and lvl 30. Is it always 1 space every 15 lvls? cuz then you'd need a lvl 300 Yumpa to fully unlock, and as long as i know, higuest lvl your pet can be is 165, or is this one different?

Thursday, 27. September 2018, 00:02

Author: lionza4ever

name that npc

proposed name Phylo in game character name Lionza Server US - Initus

Saturday, 26. May 2018, 03:35

Author: lionza4ever

Sorc Akan Chest piece


Monday, 15. May 2017, 23:13

Author: lionza4ever

Chaos and Lucky Runes

hey Raweno, i asked a different NS to try upgrading the wings and it worked. The first NS i asked for help must've been buggy or something xD sorry for the incovenience, and thanks for checking into it

Saturday, 13. May 2017, 18:40

Author: lionza4ever

Chaos and Lucky Runes

hi there, i got bk few days ago and i noticed the changes on the upgrade runes (CSS, ES,LSS,LS,CS) so i decided to give it a try, got a pair of crafted 160 Wings, found a NS and asked him to help me upgrade them to +15, but he had issues, lucky wouldnt work to 10, they stopped at 6 (like they used to work before) and chaos runes stopped at 12(same issue). my question is: are those runes not coded for NS Wings yet, they'r not supposed to work on NS Wings, or is it cuz they were crafted? thanks in...

Monday, 12. December 2016, 19:57

Author: lionza4ever

The Backpack Quest

I forgot to pick up quest at 60 so idk if it pop-up for me, but it did at 64. Maybe you have to click it right away after u lvl

Saturday, 10. December 2016, 17:51

Author: lionza4ever

errorlog.txt ?

where i find that errorlog.txt? it only sais Disconnected and thats all, i don't see any error window when it happens :/

Friday, 9. December 2016, 21:32

Author: lionza4ever

Bianca issue

Been having problems in game after using Storekeeper Bianca, every time i deposit/take items from Bianca i get Disconnected message (at least 8 out of 10 times ive used it today). I reinstalled game and im still having same issue. What should i do?

Tuesday, 21. June 2016, 02:14

Author: lionza4ever


im getting disconected every time i use storage, in all maps :/

Sunday, 29. May 2016, 08:57

Author: lionza4ever

Where are the GMs when you need them most?

belly dont quit and Piks, sell me ur sorc akan shirt

Wednesday, 25. May 2016, 20:29

Author: lionza4ever

Suggestion for events

I gotta say i loved the Mooncake event, collecting -> producing -> reward. I liked the fact that lots of new players (and not so new) had the chance on making some gold selling ingredients/mooncakes, having more possibilities to buy gear and other sorts. Was just reading the new weekly event and seems to be great too. I'd suggest to make a bigger winner list, around 1-5, 3 doesn't give me same entusiasm as 10 winner list did, or 5 would. ------------------ Other challenge i thought of was an Aff...

Tuesday, 10. May 2016, 01:06

Author: lionza4ever

Constant Game Crash?

i dc everytime i use storage (bianca and guild hall)