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Wednesday, 30. January 2019, 23:48

Author: Jefalo

Elephant [PVP]

and about the "self-defence" when someone attacks you? you will one shot him, and he won't. Seems legit...

Saturday, 19. January 2019, 00:07

Author: Jefalo

5x5 bag slots

we smart

Sunday, 13. January 2019, 10:03

Author: Jefalo

PvP Server Usage

It is true ,without pets buff the pvp can be cool, but if we exp without the pet buff a limit of 600% instead of 500% is completely useless :/.

Saturday, 12. January 2019, 20:34

Author: Jefalo

PvP Server Usage

the 4 is without pet, so it should be 1 maybe :3.

Friday, 20. July 2018, 18:22

Author: Jefalo

Bring back the good old days

i am from french server, and ppl don't like master stones.

Friday, 25. May 2018, 23:55

Author: Jefalo

What happened?

i guess he get fired after 1 week

Sunday, 17. September 2017, 08:55

Author: Jefalo

this is for the developers

they farm sasquatches to get sp from a quest, not from the mob so nothing to adjust.