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Friday, 15. June 2018, 08:31

Author: LittleGreenBug

Elephant has lost skills

my battle ruv lost a couple too

Thursday, 14. September 2017, 05:40

Author: LittleGreenBug

Another ninja change!

not crying lol trying to figure how to get what is now burbank affinity points, i guess if not getting one type of point or another it's all the same, just so we can gather points is the point

Thursday, 14. September 2017, 04:38

Author: LittleGreenBug

Another ninja change!

my main is 150+ and i have no clue where to grind for the new randol affinity and cant even grind to get weap manuals

Friday, 1. September 2017, 04:05

Author: LittleGreenBug


keep getting invalid password also, hope i'm not locked out in addition to being dc'd

Sunday, 27. August 2017, 23:09

Author: LittleGreenBug

How much SP total does each character need now in 2017?

press k for the skill menu and it will show on the bottom, hopefully it accurate

Thursday, 13. April 2017, 00:24

Author: LittleGreenBug

Chaos Bringer Title

Anyone know what happened to the Chaos Bringer Title, it's gone now and displays as gold symbol in the title selection screen for my toon which had the title on at maint. but is completely gone on my other toons.