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Thursday, 31. January 2019, 14:38

Author: Navya

Ingame time and date indicator

Totally agree!!!!

Monday, 24. December 2018, 16:32

Author: Navya

Snow Leopard

The pet level has to be 165 if you want to evolve it.

Saturday, 13. October 2018, 12:44

Author: Navya


Try with turning off your antivirus or add Last Chaos to exceptions.

Wednesday, 3. October 2018, 21:55

Author: Navya

How to remove that Juno Grass item? I can't

Nobody can because it is not possible now. We have to wait till gamigo come up with something.

Sunday, 26. August 2018, 15:29

Author: Navya

August Finale Riddle Responses!

My guess - Sfinks wojownik Nick: Navya Server: PL Pangea

Friday, 24. August 2018, 19:00

Author: Navya

August Finale Riddle Responses!

My guess - Chaos Smelting Stone Name: Navya Server: PL Pangea

Friday, 20. July 2018, 14:52

Author: Navya

Server Buffs

There are not so many people ready to share buffs for free because of the time devoted to gain characters and because of need Stones of Wise.

Sunday, 27. May 2018, 11:41

Author: Navya

P1 Drake and Horse

Here is FAQ with an answer to your question.

Wednesday, 16. May 2018, 22:09

Author: Navya

Lost item

Support - here choose "send a ticket" and find EN - Last Chaos. There you need to describe situation. Sending a Ticket - here is a FAQ if you need it.

Friday, 6. April 2018, 20:49

Author: Navya


Well, there are some repeatable quests and you don't have to do them non stop, just go on

Saturday, 31. March 2018, 17:52

Author: Navya

pet transfer

You have it here

Thursday, 8. February 2018, 20:39

Author: Navya

i cant pull up inventory

Try reset your settings. It may be hidden outside the field of view.

Tuesday, 3. October 2017, 21:10

Author: Navya


All what you need is here.

Wednesday, 27. September 2017, 07:27

Author: Navya

Login screen size issue - unable to expand or enlarge

Try change the resolution in the launcher before click Start: 301 Moved Permanently

Monday, 3. July 2017, 22:29

Author: Navya

Party Event Quests

Nothing else You will get all from other quests, just have to run to NPCs.

Thursday, 22. December 2016, 17:14

Author: Navya


You can put in the wishlist: - All covers type 2 - Package, also with the biggest quantity arts item's (e.g Advanced Grade re-fromer x50 - items in package must be the same!) - Pets (also promotional) - All promotion, which will be after 23.12 in IS (exceptions: Character transfer, Pets transfer, Server transfer, Rescue Mysterious statue, Rescue deleted Character) - All cards from tab "Cards" - Master stones and tokens You can't put in the wishlist: - Package, in which are other items (e.g Night...

Monday, 24. August 2015, 20:55

Author: Navya

Officers guild - more rights

Why? If you write "no", explain it please

Sunday, 26. July 2015, 19:13

Author: Navya

Officers guild - more rights

Hello everyone I play on Polish version of Last Chaos. I would like to present my idea and listen to your opinions. As we all know, officer is a person who meant to replace leader during his absence. His rights in guild are bit limited... He cant give guild buff, block etc. What do you think about officers who can do all of this? Of course there could be something that will distinguished leader and officer, but i still dont have idea what that could be so I am waiting for you to propose some ide...