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Friday, 1. March 2019, 23:42

Author: SirHansford

Option to turn off Guild Application

Another fantastic idea Sue. Keep'em coming. By the way, long time no see. I've been away for a few years, as far as grinding but still log in once a week or so just to say hi to all my old buddies and be an arena rat. It's always a pleasure to run into old friends that are still haunting the lands of Iris. Hope you're well!

Friday, 1. March 2019, 23:35

Author: SirHansford

Deletion of guild

Quoted from "dinosue2" I have had several friends accidentally delete guilds when attempting to go into guild hall, 2 of them had level 50 guilds with full skills learned (ouch right?). One was done by simple mistake of being tired and not paying attention, the second was due to lag and misclick. Currently, the system is as follows: 1) Go to Royal Guard Captain Athi or the guild NPC elsewhere. 2) Click him and find 4 options.Upgrade Guild Popup to confirm you want to upgrade guild Confirm will ...

Tuesday, 12. September 2017, 09:34

Author: SirHansford


Thanks for your replies. I have since found the issue. The Pascal line of nivida products come with a proprietary option for V-sync known as Fast sync. I had enabled it for some other games and it apparently caused an issue with LC. After disabling it again I was able to successfully launch LC. Just an FYI in case anyone else runs into the same scenario.

Monday, 11. September 2017, 21:48

Author: SirHansford


When I launch, the LC icon jumps from left to right several times in the task bar and the game window pops up and disappears several times until an error occurs. I have thus far uninstalled, ran CC cleaner and redownloaded the most up to date .exe and it is still happening with the new installation. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

Saturday, 18. March 2017, 01:25

Author: SirHansford

PRS 30 day blues

it's been a good long while since i've played but if memory serves me, i'm almost positive that i have, and you can upgrade PRS'd items granted the prs and plus combined does not go over the cap.

Tuesday, 28. February 2017, 09:07

Author: SirHansford

new town skills [Sugestion]

Great idea there. Something that has to be worked for! Much better idea than random events to increase the odds.

Tuesday, 21. February 2017, 17:24

Author: SirHansford

were can i get good sp at lvl 123?

Unless it's been nerfed since I played last, Leviathan level 129 in Vladimir is pretty awesome SP, specifically when boosting. It's been a good while back but if my memory serves me I think I could blow past 2k SP an hour using a 109+25 weapon and an elephant. Need to take 100 or so stun cures with ya when ya go though as he loves to spam that skill.

Wednesday, 16. November 2016, 07:13

Author: SirHansford

Guild Master Replacement

Only GAs can assume the position via this process. You can begin the process after 7 days of the GM not logging in. You simply take the toon to the Royal Guard Captain and select the option there to take over the guild master position. I can't remember how long it takes to transfer but it's not long. A matter of a day or two maybe, if that. There are no real rules about it. Just the mechanics in place to do the switching after X number of days absent. With that being said, I do believe there is ...

Wednesday, 14. September 2016, 02:44

Author: SirHansford

Gold Droppings

Without any events or extra dropping items, the most I can remember seeing was from Toffsee. While it's just a matter of opinion, I think gold drops should have been increased a bit long ago. It's a good thing that gold goes directly into inventory now, otherwise most people wouldn't even bother to pick it up due to it being ridiculously low in comparison with need.

Wednesday, 31. August 2016, 19:58

Author: SirHansford

Suggestions about Armor & wep's not tradable or storable

From my perspective gear binding is one of the biggest reasons that so many of the older dedicated LC players simply stopped playing. No one wants to completely lose their investment. Upgrading, especially to higher levels is extremely expensive and having to pay for an unbind or like the 180 weapons, simply not tradable at all is completely absurd. Money in the toilet and people just aren't going to put up with it. However, with no signs of any big updates with new content coming, I suppose the...

Thursday, 18. August 2016, 14:11

Author: SirHansford


Pets - Last Chaos - Guides & Information That page is great for all things LC related. There's a smidgen of info that's outdated due to the old site runners not updating as often anymore, but it's generally still accurate in most things.

Sunday, 14. August 2016, 22:51

Author: SirHansford

Upgrade Event

Sure would be nice to have an upgrade event to spam all these shiny new ROPs on. Haven't had one in a couple of months I think, unless I missed one. But yeah, it's just a thought in passing.

Thursday, 4. August 2016, 18:20

Author: SirHansford

Elemental effects.

Simple suggestion, get rid of the elemental system and adjust mobs accordingly. It's really boring playing a game where skills are completely pointless. Reg hits + the fastest attack speed possible is an abysmal excuse for game play.

Friday, 29. July 2016, 18:52

Author: SirHansford

Suggestion of things to benefit the game

Suggestion to benefit the game ya say? How about some new content! We're rapidly approaching 4 flipping years since we've had any!

Wednesday, 29. June 2016, 22:55

Author: SirHansford

New content

Quoted from "Cheekiong" So I've pretty much stopped playing LC now because I'm just here waiting for something new to come around. It has been 3 years now since we got a cap increase and a major content pack. Is Barunson even the dev company anymore? Do they have devs for LC still? Can we at least get a yes or no about IF we will get new content in the future? *cough* 3.5+ years *cough* totally agree. we had 10ish cap raises in the first 5-6 years and none since the later part of 2012. thats a ...

Saturday, 30. April 2016, 21:36

Author: SirHansford

Amulet Bug?

Hello, As shown in the screen shot provided, I'm wearing an Amulet of Recovery. Are there any known bugs with his item? It's been on for ages and as you can see has been without a count down timer as well. It simply won't go away. Thanks. EDIT: I should also add that it is not functioning either. So it obviously done but maybe just hung up and won't disappear.

Wednesday, 13. April 2016, 19:53

Author: SirHansford

WTG Rogues&Cleric ;)

Quoted from "MaZZaCre" kappa What plus is it? How many sockets does it have?

Tuesday, 5. April 2016, 23:29

Author: SirHansford

How to get the maxie to cool down

Quoted from "ANGEL." Buy 2 of the newer xp pets, so u will have 4hrs cool down on ur xp pet . Try to figure out what cause the issue with x-trap. Or they could just get rid of the stupid "only online" pet cooling down already. It's stupid and not even in their own interest. Most people will only level when pets are cooled and are therefore inactive for long periods. If the pets cool down offline, people would be using that time to burn potions and boosters on alt toons. Sounds like a win-win fo...

Tuesday, 15. March 2016, 20:49

Author: SirHansford

Pet sp exp

Quoted from "LordVold" You just explane everything what i could tell you about exp pets you can also use scrolls 500% pbi expb doing quests and you dont need exp dont tell me what already now and dont play smart on me. Well you're a rude little turd now aren't ya. I was being nice and offering up some suggestions as you seemed to not know how to SP farm and think there must be a "sasqatch" style zone for 90+. If you're too lazy to play a SP demanding toon, then just make an ex ranger l...

Tuesday, 15. March 2016, 13:02

Author: SirHansford

Pet sp exp

There's lots of places to farm SP at 90+. There's pretty much no such thing as a "ruined" toon anymore due to lack of SP at any level. Off the top of my head I can think of Trum, akan, Hecte, Levi, many areas of mondshine along with quest SP, Death knight scrolls, and simply doing daily quests in ramslo's lab to level will get you several thousands from 175-185. Basically more than you can use. I could do 10-11k SP using a 500% spell and about 60-70 SPBs in lab per hour just boosting the bosses....