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Saturday, 16. February 2019, 14:01

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cap level

what for? Ranking was already changed and favors players that are active in the game. If they are inactive they disappear from the ranking list. You can read up on it in one of the patch notes topics.

Wednesday, 6. February 2019, 10:33

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How look Faction sets and weapons seals?

the best armor in game is still the 173 Hr / Eva sets, Faction armor selas are just defense and some cdr and a bit of HP. Nothing major. Even a standard b6E set is better than the faction armor seals. for a best combination you use: 173 Hr/EVA set + 180 elemental weapon (I also us the 173 weapon on my witch, especially during sieges where I need cdr to focus more on debuffing rather than killing)

Thursday, 27. December 2018, 14:17

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Merchant Ticket and Warehouse Ticket Tweaks

Hi, so, this is a simple QoL improvement: Current situation: When you use a Merchant Ticket or Warehouse ticket, and the window pops up, you have 10 slots you can put items into to sell / store in the warehouse and then the window disappears, you have to click the tickets again to open the window, deposit items in the slots and rinse-repeat. This is very frustrating and consumes some time. When farming for drops and making gold it gets annoying if you have to do it for your entire inventory. env...

Monday, 10. December 2018, 10:07

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A simple request...

I'd say in general, the elemental system should be jewel driven and not skill driven. Also no skill should override ones elemental be it attack or defence. Its not just cleric, archers quickfire for example aswel. the current elemental system is broken and is the reason for the unbalance. Once that system changes it should be much better.

Saturday, 17. November 2018, 15:52

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A suggestion for arch witch

In all honesty.....any changes would make only sense if they either increased the cooldown on cures or removed the condition recovery pills from owl affinity, cause that is the most breaking thing when it comes to witches and generally skills that give you silence, sleep, poison, slowdown , att speed reduction etc,

Tuesday, 23. October 2018, 09:59

Author: unavailable

What about skills?

I am completely against everything you said in your post. simply because there is no point in giving skills more power, there simply isn't. Asside that the problem aren't skills, the problem is this elemental system which is garbage and only 5% thought through. When they finally fix / rework that system, then they can focus on individual skills and fix them / tweak them. what you are saying wouldn't fix anything it would just add fuel to the already burning fire.

Sunday, 30. September 2018, 18:36

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[Event] Name that NPC!

Proposed Name: Storyteller Daimon Ingame name: unavailable Server: US-Initus

Monday, 3. September 2018, 08:25

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Ace Of Diamond's Exchange ?

Quoted from "Caugsmire" Be warned that Roy/Siban will charge you 5% of the value you have put on the tokens, so if you have 2000 tokens and price them at 10 million gold each, that will cost you 1 billion gold. So don't price them TOO high - I speak from experience, having made that mistake... You are talking about tax from selling not from listing.

Monday, 20. August 2018, 20:23

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Reloging during Siege to avoid respawn cooldown.

Quoted from "Cannon" it was sarcastic you didn't answer the question LMAO Dear boi… here let me break it down for you: Question: Quoted A. is this legal Answwer: Quoted There are no "rules" regarding siege other than the basic in-game rules, Terms and Conditions, Naming convention, and other publicly posted Last Chaos rules on our forums or websites. Question: Quoted B.if this is illegal, screen shooting this is next to impossible so how do we go about reporting it with proof? answer: (technica...

Thursday, 16. August 2018, 04:37

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Quoted from "Cheekiong" I've been playing LC since way back when the Malaysian server started however long ago that was. I love this game and I really hope that they add more big content in the future to draw me and many others back. It would be really cool to know if there was major content being brainstormed or not but I understand Vilya's point. To be honest I heavily doubt gamigo would be going through all the trouble buying the rights to the game, opening other servers tec. if they did not...

Friday, 27. July 2018, 09:25

Author: unavailable

Landing Pad - Health Pad

This happens when you have HP buffs active while you log out and they expire while you are logged out.

Tuesday, 24. July 2018, 22:02

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Devil Rune Ore

You can safely without risk use a Devil Rune ore on a +4 item, as long as its under +5 its always a guaranteed success. The wiki however is not complete I see: DEvil rune ore has the following options: +3 / +2 / +1 / 0 / -1 / -2 / -3 Given the negatives are extremely rare but they do exist.

Tuesday, 10. July 2018, 10:05

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Spicing up the rare drop table

Hm....Idk I kinda find your idea ….well...meh.....I mean its not great, its not bad but.....wouldn't it just be simplier if they reworked the current accessory system? Like for example: You can get garbage accessories, but you can also get "clean" accessories. Clean accessories being accessories with only 1 stat and free 4 slots. How about they build a system that would allow you to add/ upgrade seals on those clean accessories depending on the accessories you add as offering. for example: you h...

Thursday, 14. June 2018, 23:41

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Re-form all Accessories

You can only reform via advanced grade reformer Purple sealed accessories, so not monster combo ones. Anyone has the possibility to obtain those purple sealed ones in game and reform them as all the materials for it are freely available. as for the "old" accessories. They cannot simply remove them as they were an acquired money purchase if you so wish at aeria, if they removed them it would be literally stealing from the people who spend money on obtaining them. AFS was an aeria exclusive item, ...

Sunday, 10. June 2018, 03:00

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Gear upgrade event

Quoted from "crushykins" I don't believe it.Last week we had one heck of a masterstone sale and such in the item mall. A week later we still have no word on a gear upgrade event.Ive spent good money on lc to buy all the ms ill need. And waited almost a month for an upgrade event.Im not trying to be rude,but Gamigo really needs to get its act together or im gonna just STOP buying lc. which act? LOL Upgrade events, as the name itself already tells you are events, they are meant to be something sp...

Friday, 8. June 2018, 14:49

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What happened?

Quoted from "PRIMEX" I never appreciate your tone Vilya. I always get a sense like players are bothering you when this topic comes up, don't players get to know whether things are still in progress. Your team decided to tell players that something is coming 3 years ago and we haven't seen anything really significant in the way of character balance, major skill bugs, new maps... or well... anything other than item mall additions. I suppose that is what happens when you play a FTP Game. But all G...

Monday, 4. June 2018, 09:17

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About specialist jewel mode.

Quoted from "ANGEL." Cats eye increase attack for p2 and elemental spirits ( the ones for elementalist only) You could use aquamarine for physical eva ,amethyst for magic eva,zircon for magic eva, mookiate for melee phy eva or agate for ranged phy eva. Do the calc and pick the old gems which gives u % of ur stat,or the new ones with fixed bonus, or combination of both for even better results. If you do this keep one thing in mind: Aquamarine / Opal / Amethyst give you 5% of Eva / Hr, however th...

Monday, 4. June 2018, 09:12

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Upgrade Event Mathematics

Quoted from "currykaran2" I think the point he's trying to make is that "%" is supposed to make things easier to understand. There are so many "Types" % is used in LC, it's hard to tell what is what. - % Increased Chance - % Decreased Chance - % Chance - % Effective and so on... I understand there's a concept behind the % being used in different ways, and it working the way it should, but it's not clear to the players what is what. So when we see 600% in an upgrade event, we see 1 of 2 things (...

Saturday, 2. June 2018, 16:40

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Upgrade Event Mathematics

It actually is the chan ce of upgrade that increases and not amount of upgrades. you are thinking completely wrong.

Saturday, 2. June 2018, 16:35

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Upgrade Event Mathematics

No, you cannot think of it as "they should add up to 100%" because that's not how this works. They add up in the base / standard functionality. Event is something that alters the base and boosts it, that's why you will never add it up to 100%, because it is altere4d for the purpose of a event. and no, what you read on about equipment having different chances of upgrading is incorrect. they do not vary on equipment level at all.