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Today, 02:14

Author: Surestrike

lvl 60 +5 gear

You can always try and drop some armor. The +5 is not that hard to get with a few HS. Look at what mobs drop what you need and go farm. You could always ask your guild mates if they have a set then convert it to you class if you have the resources to do that. Losing that set it not the end of the world.

Thursday, 28. February 2019, 02:37

Author: Surestrike

Deletion of guild

What would be great is if there was a PIN number to delete guilds and perform important actions like that. Maybe that's asking too much but, I know of other games that actually have a pin number just to open your storage. I agree that the way it is now is dangerous and it should change.

Tuesday, 1. January 2019, 03:02

Author: Surestrike

Happy New Year!

Happy New year to you all as well.

Wednesday, 12. December 2018, 03:04

Author: Surestrike

A simple request...

Quoted from "DynamicPineapple2" Then make elemental debuff skills change element to lvl 2 instead of 1 and make skills have lvl 2 elemental attack Or add skills that go to level 2 and give us something to spend all that sp we gained in the lab on. Or mod the last level of the elemental skills to be level 2.

Tuesday, 11. December 2018, 05:58

Author: Surestrike

A simple request...

A level 1 buff should never override a level 2 buff just like a haste 1 skill will not override a haste 2. If they put an end to that then it doesn't matter if the skill has a level 1 buff unless the character has no elemental buff. The debufs are another story some buffs are offensive in nature and those should override jewels. The problem is which ones should override and which ones should not. skills that were clearly meant to be a buff should not override. The cleric skills being a prime exa...

Wednesday, 28. November 2018, 07:06

Author: Surestrike

Why archwizard and wizard are flawed and how can they be fixed

Nobody in melee classes will like what I have to say about this...magic based characters are at a disadvantage because of the damage they do. I am good with them being squishy one hit bait but, by golly when they hit someone especially knights titans, Sins and ex sins they should really hurt from it... not the piddly amount of damage they do now. IF the skills packed a lot more power than they do now I would be ok with the cool downs. A skill that one hits someone with a 5-15 minute cool down is...

Monday, 29. October 2018, 03:33

Author: Surestrike

Game randomly crashing...

That's a way better response than what we had before which was *crickets chirping* nothing. At least now we have someone to contact and work with. I will take that any day over what we had before.

Sunday, 28. October 2018, 05:44

Author: Surestrike

Estella Bridle

Estella was move to dratan you can teleport to her using the dratan town scroll.

Sunday, 28. October 2018, 05:42

Author: Surestrike

"All pets can wear pet armor" question

You can take a screen shot just by hitting prt scr button. It will save a screen shot in "/Program Files (x86)/LastChaosUS/ScreenShots" folder.

Thursday, 18. October 2018, 03:21

Author: Surestrike


I run avast on 2 computers with absolutely no issue with xingcode but, I still have game crashes not related to it...

Sunday, 14. October 2018, 21:38

Author: Surestrike


I would go into task manager and start disabling things one at a time until the issue stops. Once you find out which program is causing the issue then hopefully you can figure out why...

Saturday, 13. October 2018, 22:58

Author: Surestrike

Returning player

Home - Last Chaos - Guides & Information has tons of info most of it is pretty accurate. You are going to get tons of different info on how much sp to farm anywhere from 10k-whatever. I usually go for about 10-15k cause I just can't stand sassies anymore at about that point...but, that is because I always have a jump potion I am going to use...If your just in the game to make waves then the ex ranger as mentioned before is the top dog dpm wise. There are other classes with other strengths that a...

Monday, 8. October 2018, 04:59

Author: Surestrike

can not load the game

I would uninstall run a registry cleaner like ccleaner and they try download and install again. It is possible you have a corrupted file that did not patch right.

Wednesday, 25. July 2018, 04:59

Author: Surestrike

Logout Screen

Whats going on with the log out screen its suppose to go back to the character choice screen but instead it logs out on one account. On another account it logs out to a blank character choice screen. This is happening on more than one machine for me...but, the behaviors travel with the account it appears.

Friday, 20. July 2018, 17:40

Author: Surestrike

Server Buffs

Those buffs are special. People have spent time and in some cases money gaining those buffs. On occasion you can get them for free if someone is feeling generous but, you should not expect to get them free. Common courtesy would be to offer payment through stones or gold (which you would have to pay yourself if you had a toon with those skills.)

Friday, 20. July 2018, 02:40

Author: Surestrike

Bring back the good old days

The "good old days" are gone forever...

Monday, 16. July 2018, 05:45

Author: Surestrike

Unable to uninstall on Windows 7

LastChaosUS/Bin is where the file is at. It was last updated in June so any change by LC to that file could trigger the antivirus program to quarantine it.

Sunday, 15. July 2018, 19:32

Author: Surestrike

Unable to uninstall on Windows 7

The missing EngineMP.dll could have been eaten by your antivirus program. If you look in your quarantined files in your antivirus program you will most likely find that file is there. How to solve? Open up your anti virus program settings and exclude the LastChaosUS directory from being scanned (to prevent future issues every time LC patches). Restoring the file from being quarantined might or might not allow the uninstall to work but, the exemption should allow you to install over the old direc...

Saturday, 14. July 2018, 02:19

Author: Surestrike


Your antivirus program has probably quarantined the files. You will need to go into the antivirus and firewall setting and exempt the LastChaosUS folder. Uninstall LastChaos and then reinstall. I had one computer I had to completely shut down the anti virus on before I could install it.

Tuesday, 10. July 2018, 21:21

Author: Surestrike

[Content]New Dungeon idea for new level cap (195) or (200)

Maybe something that would make you think about what armor and jewels you wanted to use to do the run HR or EVA.