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Thursday, 27. June 2019, 06:10

Author: VassRulz

SP Experience Balancing.

I agree, if difficulty of mobs/cost of skills increases by such a drastic amount throughout leveling so should the SP Quoted from "ghost107" Quoted from "unavailable" People seem to have a wrong concept of Se/ are supposed to prioritize skills as you level, get the ones that are important first, then focus on all the side ones, you are not supposed to max all of them out at any level because that is the entire point of LC and it being a grind game, and that's also the reason why there a...

Friday, 21. June 2019, 17:19

Author: VassRulz

Regarding SP

Yes SP should scale as you level along with mob hp and and damage. It is silly that mobs with 100X damage and HP of sasquatches give 1/12th of their SP. It is not good game design to force new players to grind sasquatches for weeks until they reach their desired 50k 100k sp etc. It would be better if sp farming remained viable and consistent throughout the leveling process. For example after level 120 or 140 mobs give a base 5,500 SP instead of 1,100. Wouldn't be so broken, worse than sasquatch ...