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Friday, 8. February 2019, 23:00

Author: Farfanugun

Extend the Valentines promo plz!

Hi am hoping that you might extend the valentines day promo that was happening yesterday thanks a bunch, Farf

Monday, 13. March 2017, 00:02

Author: Farfanugun

Cooldown reduction seals on 117/127 helms

I've dropped farmed the entire 125-127 b6e set and I can say it isnt easy, for 1000 idb at troll berserkers you will drop 3-5 cd helms, with that being said took many many more idb to find my class yes you are farming the correct mob to find it. surestrike is right buy the helm at today market price for idb is alot more than when i farmed it at 300k ea idb

Tuesday, 29. December 2015, 22:05

Author: Farfanugun

Mid Grade Re-form problem...

My friend switched a 147+25 b6e helm to another class lost his nice seals only took 50 mgr to regain the b6e seal with gold token u can aslo do so you can return it back. I think it is easier to get the original seals (as it was made or dropped) than to get new seals by switching with gold token or mgr bit of time n effort you can fix it