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Monday, 17. June 2019, 10:34

Author: Henrik

monster combo

u need a party to enter

Thursday, 13. June 2019, 08:52

Author: Henrik

Guild member question

u can take guild manager spot when gm has been inactive for 1 month.try that...sorry i cant help u how to do it of luck/Henrik

Wednesday, 17. October 2018, 09:28

Author: Henrik


same problem for me so i removed avast. looks like that fixed my problem

Wednesday, 18. July 2018, 11:05

Author: Henrik

[Content]New Dungeon idea for new level cap (195) or (200)

a merge and a new cap+new map is realy something i would look forward too might even bring some oldies back too

Wednesday, 30. May 2018, 09:41

Author: Henrik

event weapons

dont listen to fulmi those weapons cant be traded or stored even if ur a merchant...just delete them if they take up room in ur inventory. enjoy this wonderful game

Monday, 16. April 2018, 18:08

Author: Henrik

Problem with getting armor at level 50; USA server, Initus Channel 5

when u have a guardien u only have a surtain time to finish ur lvling if im not due to ur inactivity u lost the guardien

Thursday, 15. March 2018, 07:24

Author: Henrik

11 Years!

im almost there too 4 months to go great job

Tuesday, 13. February 2018, 15:15

Author: Henrik

185 Nightshadow gear/accessories/gold

dont leave :/ keep ur stuff just incase u wanna come back after a 1 week brake or something

Monday, 12. February 2018, 12:02

Author: Henrik

acc combination

isnt it about time gamigo fixes the acc combination boxes so we can use those on or necklaces from all this mc??? should be same seals as from regular boxes if u ask me...not the old seals.

Sunday, 31. December 2017, 15:49

Author: Henrik

Problems with Dark Altar quest

Caug i can help u with all DA quests if u want, just call me ingame and ill run with u. best regards Henrik

Sunday, 3. December 2017, 07:10

Author: Henrik

sp after changing dual class

u can lock ur exp and stay in tof easy to grind sp until ur done

Sunday, 26. November 2017, 06:44

Author: Henrik

Question about current events

thats bull fulmi and u know it

Saturday, 25. November 2017, 22:21

Author: Henrik

Question about current events

and sadly no warning from GMs about this even after first messed ups :/

Saturday, 25. November 2017, 18:36

Author: Henrik

safe stone

they work up to +30

Saturday, 30. September 2017, 18:45

Author: Henrik

latest rummage sale

V the time frames cant be anything done with ofc but most ppl are busy their times during weeks...its not even close to those ppl who works weekends...and some of us(me :O) also work during weekends ofc .

Friday, 29. September 2017, 18:57

Author: Henrik

latest rummage sale

im 100% behind both of u becouse of work i missed the 2 sales i was looking for...this event is the best and most fun event in LC if u ask me but it should be a limit of 1 buy each account if u ask me so atleast 5 ppl can get lucky. PLZ more rummage for the people