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Wednesday, 7. February 2018, 15:25

Author: Penn

X-Trap and Antivirus

Thank you. I disabled Web Root and was able to log in. Thank you Caugsmire!

Wednesday, 7. February 2018, 14:11

Author: Penn

X-Trap Kick

You do an update and now X-Trap kicks me before loading the game. I use Web Root but not technically savvy. I just want to play the game and not have to worry about this kind of stuff. What is the fix so I can play the game and join my friends? Or is there a fix and I just have to stop this game.

Saturday, 20. January 2018, 17:28

Author: Penn

Unable to connect to login server

I am unable to connect to the login server, is anyone else having this problem? I was on at midnight and disconnected this morning and can't reconnect now. I have restarted my computer...didn't help. Tried to reload program....didn't help. Anyone else or is it just me?