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Thursday, 27. October 2016, 02:58

Author: Optimus


How about a stable server. One that you can put on hour long pots and get full use before you get dc and log back in and run all the way back to where you was killing all while your pbi, pssp & etc are going to waste. Sorry I just think this is more important being able to play and get full use of pots you Payed for... As for skills they know what could make the game better and yet we all have them lvl 1 elemental att skills. Balance ummm i play warmaster and you really dont want me to go there.

Tuesday, 16. August 2016, 15:06

Author: Optimus

Upgrade 400%

Upgrade event 400% plz or 300% maybe hehe

Sunday, 14. August 2016, 01:31

Author: Optimus


50-185 has been said by hundreds of ppl when it was first changed. 50-185 is good idea but I think its been in play for like over 2 years now so don't see why it would change now.. As for spawning outside town your choice to spawn out there right after you log in to a new char. So just don't click yes. I think we need a fix for this agreed. Cause once you make you char to high of a lvl via jump pot/ phoenix/pwr lvl then you can't spawn in town. All because you clicked a yes button soon as you lo...

Sunday, 24. July 2016, 02:25

Author: Optimus

Events gone or diminished miss them?

No one is posting on this so I will. If you miss these events say somthing about it lets be heard. Pet double xp event. I have not seen one in forever -.- 800% jewel fusion not 200% like I heard so many complain about last round. Last one mostly for new players I think is help full is upgrade event I think it was at 400% not to long ago and now its 200%. The upgrade % is very poor with 200% events you just moved from very poor to poor. These event's have allways been why I liked/ & played. I thi...

Saturday, 2. July 2016, 10:57

Author: Optimus

I would go into your program folder check bin folder

go in computer to go in your Gamigo program folder go in last chaos folder then go in bin folder. I kind of highlighted the ones that like to get deleted. If my memory serv's me right. If they ever get removed or deleted by any AV program you must uninstall the whole game and reinstall without AV program on. GL if your missing any of these files I would say that's why your LC is closing on you. I had this same problem with Norton on all the blue files I dont take files out quarant...

Thursday, 16. June 2016, 13:57

Author: Optimus


I asked about these events about a week ago in shout box. I was told there not gone and these events are here to fit with what they all have planed. So its good to hear there not gone and I can't wait for them to come back!

Friday, 10. June 2016, 00:14

Author: Optimus

Festival soccer balls

I know both ways to get them. I have over 60 boxs and would never have enough moonstones or wooden keys to open them. Wooden keys don't drop in tarian and I'm not going stop lvling main for wooden keys. But all good enjoy your boxs if you can.

Wednesday, 8. June 2016, 17:30

Author: Optimus

Festival soccer balls

Why take Gold keys out of mall? Would this not increase sales to leave them in mall?

Friday, 27. May 2016, 01:01

Author: Optimus

Concentration works

Concentration works lol but damage reflection i see nothing working there..

Thursday, 26. May 2016, 12:50

Author: Optimus

Skills that dont raise stats! why we dont have reflect stat or % on buff?

I have played Titan WM for very long time I have done some test but can't seem to find any difference. Concentration and reflect both raise no stats or see any effect. Reflect should make damage % based on what they give to me. Like knight has I never see anyone or anything take damage from hitting me with it on. Concentration says gives attack damage but idk seem to see no increase in attack. I thought concentration did something but not sure now. I will try test. Anyone have thoughts on there ...

Tuesday, 17. May 2016, 17:13

Author: Optimus

Xp or Sp bubble

What if we had a xp medal or xp bubble call it or name it what ever you want. They could make 3 differnt size bubble a cheap small one a mid size and a large one. Small one would be maxed at say 250m xp mid size 3 billion and large 30 billion. Somthing like that and sp bubbles could do 3 differnt size or just make 1 that holds maybe 100k or 200k. I'm not max lvl but if i was it would be nice to play that char kill stuff and get to use my xp on somthing. I think its a fun idea and if you could ma...

Tuesday, 17. May 2016, 05:00

Author: Optimus

I fixed that once

My wifes pc did that once I think I fixed it by going in control panel and in to uninstall program clicking on lc and repair after repair is done. You open lc and does a repatch or just re install whole thing if you want.

Monday, 16. May 2016, 14:16

Author: Optimus


Would like more sales. Advanced grade reformer would be nice to get a sale on.

Friday, 22. April 2016, 23:59

Author: Optimus

Trojan issues for some players

If i have problems today i will spaz out. I been fighting my pc to run LC all week. 2 days ago I had tons of errors from reinstalling so many times and maybe cause norton was eating all the files. I did something to my pc at some point that i thought I was needing a factory reset. Well think i got around that but have not tryed to log in yet...

Tuesday, 19. April 2016, 17:49

Author: Optimus

Wish for more ic sales!

Maybe this would drop prices a little and newer players would not run away after looking at prices in merchants shops.. Wish there was guild books in mall still too.

Thursday, 14. April 2016, 06:05

Author: Optimus

Good idea

It was on all or a few channels but it got changed. Reason idk. There are 2 really good spots can hold 2 farming sp easy if not totaly buffed out like susper haste/windy step/windy hands/adrenaline etc..

Sunday, 10. April 2016, 03:43

Author: Optimus

Can't get past x-trap loading

Norton is blocking something called gamemp.dll and says threat name Trojan.Gen.SMH.2 me and my wife both have this problem and are not able to play today what happen how can I fix plz HELP! I think Norton did update probably and cant configure it right to get past patcher. I want on anyone know how to other then turning off Norton >.>

Friday, 8. April 2016, 02:15

Author: Optimus

Razer Naga Questions

Quoted from "Valeyon" As long as you are afk you are not supposed to perform any action Dont afk anything lol

Monday, 29. February 2016, 14:41

Author: Optimus

Number Game Event(round 3 )

8 ..cause no one said it! IGN: OptimusPrime

Wednesday, 24. February 2016, 22:42

Author: Optimus

Number Game Event(round 3 )

2nd round guess 2 FTW IGN:OptimusPrime