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Wednesday, 10. April 2019, 12:06

Author: oakleydoakley3

Fatal Error

it really amuses me that whenever anyone says they are having problems with Last Chaos loading or crashing, someone from Gamigo replies with all the same reasons why and it is always that we the players must check all these different things an then re-install . But I am getting the very same error on 2 different machines both were working last night

Friday, 1. March 2019, 00:24

Author: oakleydoakley3

Deletion of guild

this has happened to me a long time ago and I would like there to be a 24 hour cooling down period same as when deleting a character

Monday, 30. July 2018, 19:22

Author: oakleydoakley3

Affinity Event

we need morethan 15 votes to get this adopted by Gamigo so tell your friends about this idea tell everyone in game

Wednesday, 18. April 2018, 15:19

Author: oakleydoakley3


ok tyvm I will try

Wednesday, 18. April 2018, 14:56

Author: oakleydoakley3


Hi at last the Attendance rewards are back and 2 days ago I decide to discontinue getting attendance on several of my accounts which I have had forever LOL

Sunday, 2. July 2017, 14:56

Author: oakleydoakley3

Improve guild disbandment

I totally agree that disbanding guild needs looking at as I have deleted a lvl 49 guild when I thought I was entering Guildroom

Sunday, 18. June 2017, 19:27

Author: oakleydoakley3

What some affinity boxes contain?

Affinity Merchants - Last Chaos - Guides & Information

Friday, 9. June 2017, 11:27

Author: oakleydoakley3


if you look me up I will help you kill them in party IGN DENNIS

Wednesday, 19. April 2017, 11:11

Author: oakleydoakley3

Where is everyone??

it is maint atm

Friday, 20. January 2017, 19:13

Author: oakleydoakley3

LC is shutting down Pandora One.

I have not noticed any programs closing down but if I am playing game and sign into my bank account then xtrap closes down LC which is a little annoying cos I need to check balance before getting IC

Saturday, 10. December 2016, 19:45

Author: oakleydoakley3

Bianca issue

go into your hard drive and find gamigo folder and error log is in there

Monday, 15. August 2016, 11:04

Author: oakleydoakley3

Minor/Major Bug Fixes

Quoted from "Alike" I think it says "예배당 사제판" Hope that helps! I selected this text and googled it and there are some beautiful pictures of Altars inside Temples

Tuesday, 26. April 2016, 18:05

Author: oakleydoakley3

Item Mall Desires

I have a real desire for a card that you can buy that gives all those players that couldn't get to be merchants because they were too high when it was decided to put a limit of between lvl 50 and 55

Thursday, 14. April 2016, 01:25

Author: oakleydoakley3

WTG Rogues&Cleric ;)

I would love the cleric :-)

Wednesday, 30. March 2016, 09:19

Author: oakleydoakley3

Apprentice Program Question

When an Apprentice applies to me I have a chat before accepting and explain that they should NOT start an apprenticeship until they have got all the SP that they want and to re-apply before lvl 29, and try to explain why I suggest this . I didn't realise that there is a time limit anymore (there used to be one when you passed the Apprenticeship at lvl 31) and never realised that there are other rules with apprentices

Tuesday, 5. January 2016, 10:32

Author: oakleydoakley3

closing game on windows 10

I am having the same problem I am not getting Disconnected or game crashing just game closed down