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Tuesday, 30. August 2016, 16:16

Author: Loppastoffa

Pic Book, End Game Content, ETC.

Quoted from "Bran" Thing that would make LC interesting, well the US version is people, many many many people coming back to the game, sieges would be hilariously fun, more people, more the ruckus at crystal, more panic, more adrenaline, more fun. We need to call all those who quit(temporarely untill new content or permanently) to come back, to play sieges since channel 4 is no pet zone. The ingredient that is missing in LC US is people, and we, the players who sticked around, need to demonstra...

Monday, 8. August 2016, 14:11

Author: Loppastoffa


I made tortillas! 2740928c02fe66ebf5c3df3193132d57.jpg

Tuesday, 4. August 2015, 15:24

Author: Loppastoffa

Draw a Popenian! [Done]

IGN: VelehoCora Server: Katrissa, LC USA