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4.5. Цитата

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4.5. Цитата

Quote text parts

You can quote messages or content of other users with the help of the quote functions. All messages that can be quoted have a quote button. A click on that button opens a menu with several options:

  • Quote directly

    The complete message will be quoted if you doubleclick the quote button or select the related entry in the quote menu.

  • Mark to quote

    If you want to quote multiple complete messages you can select those with the quote menu.

  • Quote part of a text directly

    If you select a part of a text you can quote it directly. Please note that headlines cannot be quoted!

  • Quote multiple parts of text

    For more detailed quoting, you may want to quote only specific parts of one or several messages. You can achieve that by marking text parts with your mouse and select them for quoting in the quote menu one after another. The selected text parts will be saved so you can use them when writing a new text. You can see a quote count in the buttons of the messages you have taken your quotes from.

  • Quote paragraphs directly / mark to quote

    Do you want to quote the paragraphs of a text you need to choose this option. Each paragraph will be generated into one quote. You can also save the quotes for a later use. In this case you need to select the option "mark to quote"

The selected quotes will be saved temporarily so you can first save all quotes and include them later when writing your text. You can find a quote tab below the editor that contains all saved quotes. If you include a quote into your text the quote will be marked to delete. If you post your text the quote will be deleted from your storage. If you want to keep the quote you need to unselect the quote first. Please note that quotes will be only saved for the time of your current session. They are not saved permanently.

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