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Thursday, 23. July 2015, 10:31

Weapon and Armor Durability Enhancements

Weapon and Armor Durability Enhancements:
  • I suggest increasing the durability on weapons and armors similar to that of my suggestion for Tool Aids... So say I don't know... 15,000 Durability of which for every 50 hits you get/or deal your durability decreases by 10.

  • The Durability Restoration Items currently available should be revamped so that you pay for lets say an IM available 30day potion that stops your weapon or armors durability decreasing by 50% for the duration of the item (time doesn't continue while offline either) and also an in game method to restore the full durability of an item so... 15,000/15,000 this could be via say 50-100m gold or a mixture of gold and a droppable item.

Lets hear your thoughts, and If you have some amendments you think may make my suggestions better then please post them in a similar format to the way I have.

Thursday, March 12th 2015, 3:53am

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PS : I simpler approach would have been to do away with durability all together...

Thursday, March 12th 2015, 10:36am

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This is a good solution. No durability would be best too :p
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Thursday, 23. July 2015, 11:48

potion is great idea maybe not just item mall npc too for those who dont buy ic
maybe make card again ( item mall or npc for non ic buyers) were if your in raid or out in battle field instead porting all way back to town
u can summon the npc too u postion for a small fee

for me i do like duration on weps bit diff from normal weps ( got move with times)

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