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Thursday, 23. July 2015, 10:27

Accessory System Enhancements

Accessory Enhancements:

  • It would be nice to allow a higher 'Fusion' option of MC accs that you spend say a few hundred mill game gold (or IC item) to upgrade accessories so F2P and P2P both gain. This way you could combine say a 93x2 with another 93x2 for a 93x4 without failure. And to get like 112x4's you'd need to combine two 93x4's etc...

Lets hear your thoughts, and If you have some amendments you think may make my suggestions better then please post them in a similar format to the way I have.

Thursday, March 12th 2015, 9:03pm

Quoted from "dinosue"

I do like this idea. I also believe that you should be able to combine like accessories and get same type seals back as opposed to random ones.



Friday, March 13th 2015, 6:07pm

Quoted from "LudaXD"

maybe not fusion but some lets we say new ''master boxes '' that would take like from 150 master coins and up or that we gona need mix of coins to open ,but it would give better necklaces and armor >.< like that and mc system would play bigger role in lc and party play >.<
but i like and your idea eze :D
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Thursday, 23. July 2015, 11:54

+1 for all those ideas
this need major revamp
alot folks do love playing monster combo

maybe create junk acc bin recycle were u donate ur old accs maybe get type/s mater coins old elite coins back

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