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Suggestion | Tool Aid Enhancements

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23.07.2015, 10:01

Tool Aid Enhancements

Tool Aid Enhancements:

  • Lets say you could have 1 tool with durability on it and once it gets to let's say 0/3,000 durability(number that popped into my mind) using tool aids, then you need to buy more, rather than having hundreds of separate tools which you have to put tool aids on... You could then have 1 tool which uses say 30 durability per usage of a tool aid and automatically enhances it if the user has tool aids in their inventory until it reaches 0 durability, at which point a user can purchase another Tool. And outside of using tool aids could be -10 durability per 5minutes of farming or something...

Lets hear your thoughts, and If you have some amendments you think may make my suggestions better then please post them in a similar format to the way I have.

Friday, March 13th 2015, 5:58pm


Instead of automatically enhancing from tool aides in inventory, maybe have a UI that allows you to select the number of tool aides you enhance the tool with. Similar to using golden mags for AGRs..

Then you won't accidentally use all your tool aides farming stones while still needing some herbs. :P

Sunday, April 19th 2015, 9:42pm

Цитата "Lavy"

Or double click on Tool aids to activate them as Holy Water. Put the knife on. Tool aids will be used untill amount of tool aids is over or untill player desactivate the tool aids (just like Holy water).
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23.07.2015, 11:57

this really long winded thing
i like idea of the genesis idea
the knifes need be included in that too make stacks off 999 ect takes up to much space

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