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Thursday, 23. July 2015, 10:34

Chaos Ball System & NPC Enhancements & Possibility of merging Moonstone Golem with it

Chaos Ball System Enhancements:

  • New prize table so that you get only Item Mall Items when redeeming Chaos Balls (as a Chaos Ball is an Item Mall Item so winning 10k gold and hp mp pots is pointless and a rip off) So this could be HP/MP Stealers, Level 12-15 jewels, PSSP, PBI, XPB, SPB,IDB, Master Stones, ROP's, DRO's & PRO's etc...

  • New NPC (Name could be Chaos Bringer) with a revamped UI whereby, if a player has Chaos Balls in their inventory it will locate them and automatically place them for redemption in the window, the player can then click confirm and an auto generated prize from the database will be gained and transferred to the first available free spot in the inventory bags.

  • You could also have an option whereby a player can select to redeem 1 chaos ball or redeem say 10 for a much higher worth prize? This can be the same for Moonstones.

  • Could possibly combine Chaos Ball NPC with the Moonstone Golem. I would imagine it being one UI for them all possibly, so you have say a window which opens up when the NPC is clicked on, which has multiple slots, the first will Auto Detect Chaos Balls, the second Poor Quality Moonstones and so on, each row with a separate confirm button and increase quantity button, then a tab at the top for combining moonstones for a higher grade, and another tab detailing the prize list or something

There is already a suggestion thread for the moonstone golem here (so I won't be listing everything for that as it can be put on there):

[Suggestion] Moonstone Golem update

Lets hear your thoughts, and If you have some amendments you think may make my suggestions better then please post them.

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Thursday, 23. July 2015, 22:18

anything to keep from having to use 5 mouse clicks to open one Chaos ball....

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