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Sunday, 27. September 2015, 12:02

Affinity Question

Hello :)

Recently i noticed that even though my guild Sociable Skill is lvl 4 and should add an additional 20% bonus, when i tried offering a ramslo ring on my ns for black tyrant affinity, i got 2000+100, which is +5%.
Same on my rogue offering a gold bar, got 150+7 instead of 150+30 oscar affinity points.
But the bonus seems to work fine while killing mobs, making 20+4 randol knights affinity from jaguars, same in tarian at seekers etc.
Is the sociable guild skill supposed not to work with items or is it a glitch?

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Sunday, 27. September 2015, 19:15

Its the way how should work. At last lvl of the skill u will get 10% bonus when u donate items.

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