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Monday, 30. November 2015, 17:39

Upgrade event

I have to buy 29.99 or higher packages, can I buy them all at once? Like 4 $29.99 packs or do I have to do them on separate transactions?

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Monday, 30. November 2015, 17:43

I would do them separate myself, simply because the system will be forced to see them all as separate.

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Tuesday, 1. December 2015, 04:16

Lost abyss anchor

I removed an abyss anchor from records, used a magnifying glass on it and applied it to my Incubus. I wanted to show a friend the difference in Forms....Human~ Demon . So when I removed the anchor it went into my inv. as usual. However when I tried to do it again to show my friends wife it disappeared from in Inv.

I thought it was a 30 day anchor .....But Even if it was a 1 day one it would last more than 15 minutes max, which is what it took to buy a magnifying glass ,Use the glass , Equip the anchor, and remove it. I don't understand where it went to . I have 32 Pets and have used the anchor before , as well as the gas for the female succubus, of which I have 2 ..So I do Know how they work . But with a 30 day one You should be able to use & remove it from the Pets Inv. at anytime. That is the whole purpose of those items so you can control the forms of the pets and their different skills .

I finally figured out how to make a new account to make this report. I Hope I did it in the proper place .. as this is all new to me! I hope Vilya sees this and can help me sort it out, thanks ... and Have a Blessed Day ! Happy Hunting ! (0;} ARROW 8)

This post has been edited 1 times, last edit by "floydsforum" (3. December 2015, 06:05) with the following reason: I would say it was just before 5 PM EST .

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