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Thursday, 28. January 2016, 19:08

To be honest upgrading from 20-25 is no better than 15-20 in my experiences. Whether that be with master stones or devils rune ores, or any upgrading material.

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Friday, 29. January 2016, 03:07

Different type of gear may have different chances of upgrade. Weapons upgrading could be harder than armor upgrading. Even for armor, there are some ppl saying that some pieces, like gloves, or helm, are more difficult, they tend to break more often. Also, armor like the 30-32 or 60-62 sets that you get for free, tend to break.
From what I observed, upgrading with runes has very low chances, in general, but sometimes, the successes can arrive in bursts, which is good. If you get lucky.
Still, from observing the comments on this subject, it seems that upgrading from 15 to 20 is more difficult than upgrading from 20 to 25. Not only because Deep Blue Runes are more expensive than Golden ones. And that, if true, is a bit strange.

I have more difficulty upgrading backpacks and wings than any other piece...not even sure if this is really true could just be my luck... or not...I am calling Mulder!

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Friday, 29. January 2016, 11:36

i think its random luck cause on one event i used 15 runes and they all failed,on the next event i used one rune and got +2 on my xbow and the second rune gave me a +3 and made it +20,i didnt do anythin different from the first event

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