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Suggestion | Jewel Box drop event

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Friday, 29. April 2016, 23:17

Jewel Box drop event

With the Pictoral Book no longer giving the mass amount of Jewels it once did (it did need to be nerfed though, just not as bad as it is now, but that's a different discussion), I had the idea for a new kind of event:

Jewel Box/Pouch drop event - every monster killed has a chance to drop a level 1-5 Jewel Box or Pouch! (Boxes for old Jewels, Pouches for the newer ones)

This would work just like the Fall Event, meaning people would have to actually go out and farm them, this would help improve the flow of low-mid regular Jewels people can use/fuse, and can also help to fill up that pesky Pictoral Book's high Jewel demands.

Possible tweaks to the event:
Making the drop rate of Jewel Boxes slightly lower than the Booster rate of the Fall event is an idea, but the amount of lower usefulness level 1 Boxes/Pouches would likely offset the need for it.
I also toyed with the idea of making all the Jewels from the event character bound, but this would likely be inconvenient, and might also harm newer players who would like to sell on their Jewel Boxes/Pouches to buy other things.
There is also the possibility of a Chaos Jewel version of this event, where the drops are level 1-5 Chaos Jewel Pouches, with a very small chance of dropping an Elemental Jewel Pouch. I suggested this as a separate idea, as mixing Chaos and regular Jewel drops could create too much clutter, and would likely lead to less of either kind being dropped overall.

Hopefully it's a good suggestion, more event variety is always nice! (not the Insects!)

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Saturday, 30. April 2016, 10:05

u could get lvl 2 & 3 jewel box from laca ball and lvl 1-5 boxes from elemental bosses, so I don't think we really need this kind of drop event. Thanks to rummages there r plenty of high lvl gems on the market so prices going down slowly.

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Saturday, 30. April 2016, 13:45

i like the idea ,since we cant find all the time bosses and is random chance of drop jewel from them right ?
also we dont have token drop time on every 9 min ,personally i dont get much tokens as i used to do during token min
so i dont see anything bad in this suggestion ,for some players might be even motivation to grind more :))))))))))
as for rummage many ppls get the higher lvl jewels 90 % of the time for their personal use :))))))

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