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Sunday, 26. June 2016, 13:29

Resurrection Scroll 2

I originally used "ordinary" resurrection scrolls from the item mall - you clicked on these, they showed as a buff icon on your character and when you died you didn't lose any xp or sp... I tried using a resurrection scroll 2 and found you couldn't click on them as a buff. When I next died, I clicked OK to resurrect at nearest point, but found I had lost my xp and sp and still couldn't seem to do anything with the res scroll. What should I have done in order to use the scroll to protect my xp/sp? My character is lvl 120 but I don't see any mention of the scrolls being limited to certain levels...

Thanks for your help - a bear with very little brain...


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Sunday, 26. June 2016, 15:04

these resurrection scrolls lvl 2, works like the free res scrolls for beginners .
U cant click and activate them ,as the old one - u have to keep them in ur invo, and once u die, it will pop up a window asking u, would u want to use the res. scroll. U have to click yes, and then choose the place. However I noticed when u choose to resurrect on the place u died sometimes it gets bugged and u have to relog and loose xp & sp. If I choose to spawn at nearest place I have no problems.
Im not sure if u expired some bug, or u messed something using the scroll

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Sunday, 26. June 2016, 19:18

There are two buttons with the Res scroll 2, "Confirm" or "Use". Confirm will simply take you back to the start area without saving your EXP/SP loss by death. Use will use the scroll and give you the option on where to res and will save your EXP/SP.

Confirm will not consume the scroll, Use will.

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