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Saturday, 30. July 2016, 01:49

idea for an event.
use alber and two teams of gm's
1 side vs the other side ppl should go help their gm's defeating the enemy's gm's
for each player showing up for this each gm should have 500k hp for each play on their enemy side attending to the event
and should be setup fellow party with gm's as leaders and if your to l8 to show u dont get to play the event.
reviveing at location not allowed gotta start run back to the battle from the town when you die attending to the event.

just some idea to have alber being used as event here no1 gets red name or uses pets could be fun for all the amount of hp on the gms is just an idea to make it last a little while when 1 teams gm's are dead the team with live gm's win and prices could be anything from a little more rare selection of snowman's masterstones +17 gm made acc dif rewards to the ppl on the winning team and on how good u did if u fx made moste dmg towards the gm kill or got the killing blow

would surely get ppl's attention and have ppl show up for such events. i kno its not likely to be as ppl below lvl 100 are able to attend but surely something they got to look forward to. to attend too.

A derivative of this might be to set up 2 teams each belonging to a gm. Each GM will teleport to a random(or what seems a random location) The defending team will have to find their GM and defend him from the other team or find the other teams GM and kill him. GMs will remain at that location for a predetermined time (short enough that there is the possibility the GM might or might not die) and then teleport to a new location and the process starts over until a GM dies.
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Saturday, 30. July 2016, 13:30

We already had something like this in alber, actually we had like 3 different kind of pk events in alber, but they weren't popular at all, and this was the reason why we don't have them anymore. Pointless to run an event for 5 ppl..

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