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Tuesday, 27. September 2016, 18:58

Problems in ToF

For the last couple of days I have had intermittent problems when visiting ToF - sometimes only a few spiders appear, sometimes the teleporter doesn't appear when I want to leave, and often the game will freeze for anything up to five minutes. I've tried three different computers and two different accounts. I don't play throughout the day, but yesterday everything was normal for a couple of hours around 16:00 est. Today the problems are back. I have no other programs running and disabled my antivirus and rebooted, all to no avail... My Internet seems to be working ok and speed tests give normal results (17Mbit download, 1Mbit upload)

Have there been any DDoS attacks recently?


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Tuesday, 27. September 2016, 22:36


We did have some issues at home office within the last few days. They should be cleared up now, however.

Please message me if you continue to have issues.

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