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Wednesday, 8. February 2017, 10:08

Valentine's Day Partner Event signup - US server

Good day partners!

Please post the name of both partner names in this thread, along with the server you play to be eligible to participate in our special Valentine's partner
Game Master event! Sign-ups will begin as soon as this post is visible and end at 11:59pm EST on February 13, 2017.
  • Partners will need to both be available to participate in a number of challenges in game beginning at 4:00pm EST on Horizon server.
  • Any partnership without both active participants is disqualified.
  • Event details and rules to be posted in thread in Events section.
Post your partnership in the following format please:

Vilya and Fulminar - Initus

  • The character names you add here will be the only ones who will have totals counted towards the overall total.
  • The partner can be a friend, ally, partner, sibling, spouse, enemy, guildmate, significant other, or anyone else who agrees to participate with you. It cannot be yourself (i.e. it must be two different physical beings).
  • Any intolerant posts about another players post will be removed and sanctions given. We will not tolerate any posts of intolerance here or in game regarding another's choice or orientation.

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Wednesday, 8. February 2017, 18:40

Luda4axD and MisterMaxim
witch and spec
server Initus

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Friday, 10. February 2017, 00:54

BlackWidow and DRONUGA - Initus

DRONUGA 185 Templar Knight
Cucumber 185 Exr
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Monday, 13. February 2017, 20:44

Iiva and QuqLeque - Initus
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Monday, 13. February 2017, 20:56

LadyShafs and ShanK - Initus

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Sincere Adventurer

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Monday, 13. February 2017, 23:16

ANGEL and RainBowStar - Initus

The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained.
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Tuesday, 14. February 2017, 00:28

FionaGoode and Jonin at Initus server

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