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Thursday, 30. March 2017, 15:21

Gold Lottery

So is the Gold Lottery Bugged? Just wondering cause it say's the jackpot is 10m, but the pool from people buying tickets is 204m. This is a 190m difference. Why do we have to pay so much of our hard earned gold for such a small profit if the prize pool from players buying tickets is much larger? :cursing: Ouch!!

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Thursday, 30. March 2017, 22:47

:cursing: Ouch!!

... Ouch indeed

Every sold ticket will add 3x its value to the total gold-pool and 3% of its value to the jackpot.
Every ticket has a chance of 20% to win part of the gold-pool.
Additionally the jackpot can be won with variable chances depending on the amount of tickets in the game.
If the jackpot is not won, it will be carried on to the next round and keep growing.

Please read the FAQ of a system or ask others, if you don't understand it.
We are here to help, but signing up for a forum-account and making the first post ever a flame-post, is ... well, not the best idea.

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