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Saturday, 6. May 2017, 00:07

A Hearty Thanks

I Just want to express my joy and Thanks to the Gamigo Team for listening to the cries of Irisian. You all know I'm the first to write up a long and winded post about my disapproval about 100 things. But finally here is change. You have my +1

I really did walk away from Last Chaos three weeks ago after giving upgrade one last chance. But after passing by and having a casual conversation with a friend, I was told there have been several changes (for the better) where upgrading is concerning. Better late than never. I suppose i'll be seeing a lot of old faces. Time to clear up my friendlist.

Thanks Vilya.

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Saturday, 6. May 2017, 16:37

We are listening, which is why the suggestions forum is vital. We do look in there and take the suggestions which are voted on the most by your peers and pass them along to see if we can work with them.

So....SUGGEST, SUGGEST, never know when yours will be the next suggest we work with!

Happy gaming.

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Saturday, 6. May 2017, 16:45

Vilya smells and has trouble reading.

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