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giovedì, 11. maggio 2017, 12:37

Level 90 jumping potion question!

Hey, was wondering how it works?

So if i buy the box i get the potion guaranteed? and also can i open the box on a diffrent char to get the level 90 armor set on that char then bank the potion and use it on Another char?

and how does the SP work that you gain from the potion? like if i have gained lets say 50k sp when sp farming and i use the potion do i get all SP needed for level 90 and i get to keep the SP i have farmed?

Any one care to explain :)

//thanks. <3
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giovedì, 11. maggio 2017, 12:44

The box is the potion and armor, you can open the box on 1 character and put the potion in storage to move to another. You will keep the sp you make before you use the potion and it gives enough sp to max skills to level 90.

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venerdì, 12. maggio 2017, 20:14

What the cat forgot to say is, it gives around 23-26k sp, depending on the character u pick since not all classes need same sp to lvl 90, also, you need to have an already existing 90+ toon on the account to use the 90 jump potion, also you will get 50k sp u farmed + the 23-26k once you use the potion, and it will make you lose class you already picked, I mean you will be without character class, so you have to go to your characters skill master to pick all noob skills again, then pick the class u want and pick the skills u wanna max till lvl 90, since the char will be 90 once u use the pot.

Also, an advice, lvl from 12 to lvl 50 first, pick merchant class, u need 100 million gold, 2k sp, 5 fame points u can get from double clicking a certification of guardianship. Then lvl from 50 to 60, use a pssp and do the backpack quest, and 4 quests in Temple of Forgetfulness in Dratan to get 10 650 sp from the quests. First quest is at start of ToF, it gives 50 sp, well, 150 if u pop a PSSP right away. Next one is to kill Barren Eise and Blood Terrain, after u pass Blood Terrain u got NPC to pick up the reward exp for that quest, at same NPC the next SP quest pops up, the one to kill Erebus tht gives 1500 sp, well, 4500 if u got PSSP active.


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