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Saturday, 3. June 2017, 07:42

Leveling information i have found on the forums.

Quote from a player called DeVotus And filled in other information from other posts.

Note: How to get 500% EXP +?
Use: 500% Epic EXP Spell + PBI + EXP Scroll + small experience potion then with dungeon time +50%: 500% x 1,5 = 750% (because its x1,5 of the normal exp)
level 1: Get a Guardian, in order to get the 21+15 weapon and the buffs
Then take the Phoenix Card (try to do it as early as possible, every level up you do to level 35 will decrease SP Reward by 100)
Now you are level 35.
lvl 35-50 Spider Dungeon (go to the posion room, they give an exremly amount of EXP)
lvl 50, learn the merachat job, requires a few SP (look at the guide for more information)
Then just level up at Spiderdungeon to 60, now you have a quest in the dungeon, which gives you a few k Fp, you have time to do them, up to 75)
50-90 lvl 90 Jump potion (only potion, not the box, you dont need the armor out of this box, this would be wasted)
lvl 90-120 Level 120 Box (Backpack quest can be done way more easy now, because of higher level and weapon)
Now you have the 120+10 Armor and Weapon
Meld in the armor some lvl 5 Chaos corals and normal corals, should give you like 30k+ HP, enought until level 170 ( you wear the boxarmor up to your 170 raid armor)
As weapon i would recommend the 121+15 with an lvl 2 element (can be bought for little gold)

If you are not going to use the jump potions:

For the next 25 levels. You can either go to Tomb (Tomb of Theos) in dratan for large amounts of xp, or go to Egeha for a more grindy(but quest filled) experience.
At this time, from your farming in tof, you should have a full lvl 75+10 set w/ a 75+10 weapon, I would recommend finding and buying a lvl 75+15 weapon if you can and if your missing any armor pieces, to buy those as well. Also at this point you should have enough gold for a pet, buy at least a lvl 25-30 unmounted drake/horse and go to pet trainer to make it give you passive physical defence!
Now your set, follow the egeha quests or grind zombies in tomb. Either way, you will gain lvl 100 soon, Remember to buy those lvl 61-90 pbi for 1-2 mil as well to make it quicker!
Once you hit 90+, you will want to go to Sphinx Commanders in tomb to level(only during DT, Dungeon time which happens every third hour), they are at the very end of tomb so prepare for a long run! These mobs give the best xp in the game and are best killed with a pbi and experience booster. If you have HP stealers/crit pots and adrenaline, use those as well to kill these guys! Will only take a few hours to reach 100+ with those boosts on commanders so congradulations in advance! (Remember, try and get combat parties for these as they will dramatically increase your XP gain per kill!)

For this, all you want to do is gain most XP as you can out of the Sphinx Commanders so once again, get a combat together for the next DT, pop your potions and get grinding! Take advantage of these mobs and your quick leveling because it wont last forever! (Also remember to do the 100-110 Dratan tomb/strayana and egeha onetime quests around this level, they will net you a good 5-6 levels with a pbi)

Kill Raging spirit of sorcerer(level 134) in trivia valley. They give best experience above commanders and below seekers and are level 134 so they can be used to level upwards to 137-140 in a combat. Remember to kill during DT to gain best experience.

lvl 120-125 Bloody mir (just quests with PBI)
125-142 Ebony mine, at the lvl 140 mobs in the end of the dungeon, do it in dungeon time, for x1,5 EXP
Now buy the HP extension, from 141 on, gives you 25k more HP, its to be very save, no 100% need, but it makes leveling that more relexed :)
141-150: As an AOE- Char go the Ghouls
as non- AOE go to the Dark Seekers
150-154 i would still lvl up at dark seekers
154-160 Quests in Mondshine and Capell
160-162 THe first Tarian quests
Then do a mix of questing and leveling at Dark seekers, or in Tarian mid as AOE-Char

Up to 175 as AOE Char in mid, and as NON-AOE at rawheads

175-185 Labor or with Artefacts Alber

quick note: lvl 120-140 may take with 500% limit and dungeon time about 4h :love:

PS: Premium Char, or the premium package gives you 10% extra EXP, so with 500% spell and dungeon time it is 825% more EXP :)

Hope this helps Deathkraz3 :) i have been following these 2 guides i just put into 1 for you and it has worked great!

Guides were from player DeVotus & from lastchaosusa forum.
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Saturday, 3. June 2017, 14:30

i should at to these :
125-134 you could try Fluton (trivia valley)
boosted (pbi+xpb) on dt is around 2bil, can get up to 3.5b per kill using epic exp spell. best is if you can get someone to help you kill him as he's strong def. he also has stun skill so must have lots of remedies with you.

150-160 you can speed up your lvling by grinding in chapel left side on dt in fellow using solo to enter and then turn into fellow once you're at left side. use bi and spell or pbi and spell and random booster. One could also use the catacomb scrolls from Item Shop to enter left side of chapel at any channel, i found those very useful for lvling and sping.

160-166 grind in Dark Altar, exp from monkeys or mobs on red pads is great on dt if you're able to solo them. getting someone to help open pillars is needed. Depending on how fast someone wants to lvl, can use exp spells, pbi or even xpbs on those mobs, and surely random booster is a big help if xpbs are not used.

(seekers or rawheads is not the only option one has for grinding after lvl 150 :P )

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