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Wednesday, 14. June 2017, 00:55

Did I just throw 1b away?

I bought a 109-10+14 wep from siban for 900m, only to later realize that when I exchange it to my class it will lose the seals. Is there any way to change the weapon without losing seals?

I don't think I'd be able to give the weapon away for free (It's a healer wand) so I'm wondering if I just threw 900m away.

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Wednesday, 14. June 2017, 01:02

Unfortunately...yes :(

The weapons which can be changed into another class weapon are all those that have colored seals in any color BUT PURPLE!
The weapons/equipment will maintain the +, and the jewels, but the stats will be reset.

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Wednesday, 14. June 2017, 01:08

You can change it into your class with gold token, it will lose the -10 seal on the wand and change into your class wep, but you gta buy Middle Grade Reforms and use 1 mirror at the changer thingy and play untill you get -10, and it'll be in your class, will you buy IC with real money and spend 700 ic for 50 MGR(or buy 700 ic-15 ic50 tokens ingame from other players, it eats 20ic for conversion, idk the current price of ic on server u play... on Initus its like 1 ic=1 mill, so 50ic token is 50m each), 50m for 50 gold mirrors, so that's 50 tries for 700 ic, totally up to you, i got lucky on my 145 wep, and i got -10 daggers from 3rd MGR... it's luck, totally up to you

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