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Friday, 6. October 2017, 16:57

Lag problem on GTX950

Hello my friends

I have a good PC (i5 4200h and 950m with 8gb ram), i play all new games without lag and on last chaos i have so much lag, it's unplayable, how can i do to run this game smoothly.

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Friday, 6. October 2017, 19:05

I have a 1080ti and have some fps lag issues as well. I noticed its caused when certain programs are open alongside LC.

From that information, it most likely involves xTrap. xTrap is probablu havong issues reading/determining the threat of some programs which on turn causes your client to lag.

Don't take my word for it, but closing adjacent programs always helped me rid of the fps issue.

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Saturday, 7. October 2017, 00:43

I can tell you from my experience the more ram your video card has the less lag. There are certain maps and places that tend to induce lag. While I don't know for sure why I suspect a video memory leak for some of these hot spots. if its happening everywhere then there could also be problems between you and LC's servers that could cause lag. It is hard to know for sure what your problems is. It's like asking a doctor whats wrong with you over the phone. He really has no idea unless he is there examining and running test on you. The same can be said for your lag.

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