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Wednesday, 8. November 2017, 02:38


If you would like to see these changes

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I would like to start by saying that the highlander does not have any elemental attack or defense debuff skill. The highlander also has very slow attack speed compared to the warmaster. The highlander also does not have any disabling skills of any sort besides slow movement speed of target slightly, which won't help him in his efforts to kill. How I would fix this would be to change his stats, passives, and skills up a bit.
Highlander skill change:
1. Make perfect body a skill that be can be used at any time by the highlander without having to be under a certain amount of health to use
2. Make perfect body a skill that gives 40% attack speed, 10% Physical Attack, 25% evasion, 10% hitrate, and +100% deadly.
3. Make axe crasher have a 15 second base cool down, 20m skill range, and instead of bleed effect make it a stun.
4. Make axe crasher earth elemental damage with a deadly hit.
5. Make Spin Chops skill range 10m, make it light elemental damage, critical hit, 20 second cooldown, and 55,000 power.
6. Make Trick Swing have light elemental damage, deadly hit, and 10 second cooldown
7. Make Sprint last 1 minute
Highlander passive addition:
1. Add a passive that gives +1,000 deadly
2. Add a passive that puts him at 10 base attack speed
This way highlander can have decent attack speed, a skill that can possibly stun a target from a distance allowing him time to reach them and skills that will allow him to do damage if he is elemental attack debuffed. I didn't throw in any elemental target debuffs, because I believe if you did that the Highlander would have too strong of a hit and elemental attack debuff probably wouldn't help him too much if he's still slower than mostly any other class without disabling skill.

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Wednesday, 8. November 2017, 02:54

id say bleed and poison dmg needs buff more then changed for all classes since some weapon and skills have this but seriously have 0 effect in either pve or pvp. besides that i prettymuch agree

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