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Wednesday, 22. November 2017, 17:08

Castle Siege ...

Why not make-design-develop some DCS and MCS result page! It would be nice that after Castle Siege players get some statistics page-menu for each participated player on Siege. Where they can see their effort gained through fighting on Siege! Like: Who killed most, who assisted, what skills or items been used, etc. Just like we have in some other games.

Also I would like to developers make, beside Siege players ranks result page, that all guild members which was on event and active, get prize share of Castle ownership gold. It's stupid that only Guild Master get the gold and not sharing that gold, and I know, that some of many guilds members not even know, that GM gets some amount of gold for the winning Castle Siege.

I think those two suggestions-ideas would be nice to have and more players would come then for Siege event. :)

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Sunday, 26. November 2017, 19:27

What would be nice is if you followed the posted rules about this forum and added a poll. I personally feel better things can be done with the time wasted on your proposal, like maybe some bug fixes and new content ideas which matter in game. So I'd vote no if there were a poll.

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