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Monday, 9. October 2017, 22:08



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I think there should be separate tabs on the rankings to rank the people who have used jump boxes. I'm not meaning take them off completely just make a tab to show their rank without disrupting the players who worked hard to their level not if they had the money.

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Tuesday, 10. October 2017, 05:00

i do think there should be ranks on forums for not only player ranks but allso their alber points ( rank ) guild ranks and player personal rankings.
would be fun to see who achived what and what sort of gains some people have or even use it for events witch could be posible.
i still do not understand why there havent been a ranking set for guilds and players on forums or why alber rank points are not added ? as i understand the gm's cannot even see how much players gain or have there ? :S maybe something to fix idk

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Monday, 4. December 2017, 14:25

Hello HaloCobra,

Thank you for your suggestion, but it appears as though your peers do not feel the same as you at this time regarding this issue. Maybe you can find another suggestions which is better suited to your cause.

Happy gaming.

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