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Friday, 22. September 2017, 04:43

[Suggestion] Make all summon books tradable/storable from Oscar Merchant

Should all monster summon books be tradable and storable?

A total of 23 Votes have been submitted.


Agree (20)


Disagree (3)

Currently there are 19 different monster summon books/spells that can be obtained from Oscar affinity shop, 9 of which can be traded while the rest cannot. I can't think of a reason why all of the books shouldn't be able to trade or store them so that they can either be sold or transferred to a character that could benefit from them.

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Monday, 9. October 2017, 22:20

I believe they should all be storable in the users personal storage and not guild storage. I also believe that none should be merchable or tradeable. I feel you should be able to NPC the ones you do not want for 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the original item, but anyone who wants access to these must be on the account the affinity was opened on.

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Tuesday, 10. October 2017, 04:45

i dont want to seem like a complete ass about this but i have to say i disagree.
storeing them would be great and fine as u will have to have done the afinity. and use them on the toons u like.
but tradeing the books / merchant them on open market i dont like. i allso think cost should be lower on them and rates should be changed and some of them removed as their for no use what so ever. like the low lvl elites.
the main use of the books are affinity farming and pet leveling but there books that doesnt do either is pretty lame....

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Monday, 4. December 2017, 15:06

Hello Ereshkigal,

Thank you for the suggestion, from the looks of the poll it seems your peers agree with you. The suggestion is noted.

Happy gaming!

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