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Wednesday, 25. October 2017, 02:49

Droprate CSS and LSS

Agree or not?

A total of 7 Votes have been submitted.


Yes (6)


No (1)


We all noticed that the % rate of LSS went down in affinity shop of burbank.
That's reasonable but,
I honestly believe we need atleast 1 or 2 more sources in game to get these stones.
LSS is still do-able.
CSS is a huge problem since Erebus barerly drops it and only untill a certain lvl.

My suggestion goes as followed.

Either make other bosses drop LSS/CSS ( In my eye's the better option )
Get CSS into an affinity with a low % rate ofcourse, but thats it's still obtainable.
Give them out during GM events or have more normal events where every player can actually obtain it and not only the higher players.

Just a thought, i know i've been struggeling with this problem and i notice allot more players.
This goes atleast for the Horizon server, No idea how it is on Initus.

My regards,

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Wednesday, 25. October 2017, 11:08

i did suggest they would make those css lss drop able from the map bosses such as balrog, grand red dragon, kamira, grand gold dragon.
these bosses are not really camp able as u need grind for a while befor they spawn.
so this could work in favour of new players.
allso something to note.
these bosses got elemental stage 3 info ? i mean new players get wrecked as they dont have element and high enough hp or pets in that matter.
maybe make them stage 2 attack and stage 1 defense least for juno and merac. and stage 3 attack 2 defense dratan and egeha ?
sure afinity shop posability. but thats yet another gold drain. witch there is plenty off atm and that would be sorta to easy for players allready around and not posible for new players, as u need loads of gold to try this and if rare =S

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Wednesday, 25. October 2017, 15:43

Another alternative, is for Gamigo to bring back the Lady Luck pack. Especially if the Lady Luck packs were reasonably priced. Same with the DMG Pack, as well. Though, maybe not all the time. Well, we'll get some LSS from the Upgrade Boxes, and hpefully some CSS from the Chaos Balls. And get some lvl 14 attack and defence minerals, from the DMG Pack.

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Monday, 4. December 2017, 15:12


Lucky Smelting Stone and Chaos Smelting stone are available via boss drop by Erebus in game. The drop rates on these items will not be changed at this time, we do appreciate you taking the time to make your suggestion however.

Happy gaming.

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