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Thursday, 7. December 2017, 04:18

Merging Servers

Should Initus/Horizon be merged ?

A total of 24 Votes have been submitted.


Yes (6)


No (18)

Regarding the issue and complaints of having less players in each server, would it be right to merge Initus and Horizon ? I dont know, i feel like more players equals more fun. What do you guys think ?

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Thursday, 7. December 2017, 05:30

The reason i think they shouldn't merge.

Mainly being that Initus has jaguars and elephants. I dont know really all the differences between the servers but yeah. i do not want those.

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Thursday, 7. December 2017, 15:54

While I agree that more populated servers would equal more fun, merging the servers wouldn't be the way to make that happen. A lot of the population on Horizon are players who migrated from Initus because we were tired of the screwed over economy, and the remnants of times past that made it next to impossible for new players to challenge the older ones without investing a million dollars into the game.

Initus has Elephants and Jaguars, which Horizon doesn't and personally I have enjoyed being able to pvp without ppl popping Elephant buff in arena when they get salty because they suck, even if that pvp have been very limited. Initus also have a mutlitude of these extremely OP accesories laying around, mainly on older players' accounts or being used by said old players, that gives them an unfair advantage. I'm not saying that older players shouldn't be rewarded for playing the game for all this time, but the problem with those accs are that you literally can't craft them anymore, so they are limited edition and even if someone was willing to part with one, they would charge some ridiculus amount for it.

On Horizon, everyone starts at square one and work their way upwards. Whether they do that through effort or their credit card is up to them, but at least everyone are equal on that server, and personally that was what made me move there and I know that a lot of the other migrants feel the same. If they merged the servers, that would be like a slap to the face for the players who decided to move to Horizon for those reasons, not to mention the shift in economy would most likely cause mass exodus from the Horizon players, and then we'd be back where we started.

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Thursday, 7. December 2017, 18:57

Before reading my response, please visit the following link for some helpful insight on this issue (it's clean. I promise):

With that out of the way I would like to share why a merge with Initus is a VERY bad idea.

#1 The most important thing is there are grand fathered in accessories in that server that are game breaking. If you were fortunate 5 years ago, you could get an AP (Aera Point)/ IC item called an "Accessory Forge Stone" (AFS) which allowed you to combine two accessories into one. Thus 93x6 HR and 56X6 EVA accessories were born. Because of this, there is a descent number of veteran players that have nearly an extra 1800 Hit rate over other players the SAME level. Even if a new player from horizon makes it to 173 with MAXED evasion armor, these grand fathered in necklaces alone will out do the bonuses given. PVP would be unplayable.

#2 Since I did not want to be in an environment where other people could out perform me ONLY because they had better gear (that I couldn't obtain), I decided to make a character on horizon for a fresh start. Merging the Horizon server back into Initus would be taking a step back (for anyone who has been playing longer than a year).

#3 No elephants are on Horizon: these were pets that buffed your damage output by 4. Additionally, A level 2 elemental jewel on your weapon would either double or triple your damage output (IE 12x damage was attainable with elephant). Critical and deadly hits were also affected by this multiplier. Needless to say leveling was fast, but boring. Akan temple, Altar of Darkness, Ramslo's Lab, etc. No longer needed a team to complete. You could just walk through and one shot everything. This took away the "teamwork" feel the game once had. Once I was able to solo any raid I wanted, the game became extremely boring and I was encouraged to leave.

Even though my main character is on Initus, I do not wish to be forced to play on that server. The economy, game mechanics, items and pets that exist on that server make the game feel VERY different. If it is only the population size that is concerning about Horizon. Perhaps giving Initus players an incentive to create a charter on Horizon would be a better idea. Thankyou for your time


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Sunday, 10. December 2017, 01:49

honestly i think servers should be merged but i will not even vote to it becouse for the reasons for them to get merged would mean those gm made acc would have to get nerfed to 93x5 at moste or 56x5 and elephants would need dbuff to 25-50-75% attack boost at the very moste give back old main attack power nerf elements to stage 1 and then this idea could be allright. till then.. no!

allso teamwork after level 175 never really been needed atleast not if u got yourself a +28 weapon.

and yes i miss the times u had to work together as a party for grinding to gain more. whats up with fellow anyways ? it mess up for people doing map quests and people doing raid quests..


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Community Manager (en/es/it/pl/ru)

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Sunday, 10. December 2017, 16:30

We have no plans to merge the old and new servers, the new server is still doing quite well by itself for being just over a year old.

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Monday, 11. December 2017, 10:45

no way jose

as soon as this merge happend i will finaly quit Lc , been playing since old times a man got to stop sooner or later.just imagine i have 4 toons 185 on I server and i run out as soon as i could on H and made another 2 , 1 that its first in rankings :) my sexy mage.dont want nothing to do with I lot of crap camed from aeria .wan a play and have more equal chances in pvp come start a new toon on H server. hope not to see any of these posts ever again

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