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Tuesday, 24. October 2017, 07:47

How to fix the exrogue and rogue classes to be fair


Yes (6)


No (5)

First I think we can all agree exrangers are way too powerful in this game and that they mow down any class in their way with ease
Rogue Scale:
1st place - Exranger
2nd place - Exsin
3rd place - Ranger
4th place - Assassin
First adjustment to exranger should be getting rid of capsule, because it is far too over powered combined with their easy access to attack speed.
Second adjustment to exranger should be to decrease the amount of attack speed blood boil gives you to -1.
Third adjustment to exranger will be wrapped up at the end, because it has to deal with most of the rogue classes.
1st adjustment to exsin is to make their self heal only give 35% health points back.
2nd adjustment to exsin is to make their aoe stone have a strong decrease to how often it lands on players.
This class seems perfectly balanced to me, because their damage is not so high and their speed is not too high, but I will still include them in the last rogue adjustment.
This class is by far the weakest out of all the rogues and it's because of their lack of skills.
1st adjustment to assassin would be to make deadline have light elemental damage.
2nd adjustment to assassin is to make splitting field do deadly damage instead of regular damage.
3rd adjustment is to make hide step 70k power with deadly damage and a 2 second stun on it.
4th adjustment is to make traps hit 3x harder, give them deadly damage, and fire elemental damage as well.

The FINAL and MOST IMPORTANT adjustment to the exrogue and rogue class is to take invisibility away from all rogues except regular assassin

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This post by "MaZZaCre" (Tuesday, 24. October 2017, 07:55) has been deleted by user "Vilya" (Saturday, 11. November 2017, 23:13)


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Tuesday, 24. October 2017, 07:56

the only way i see they can fix it is if they would remove this stupid 2nd lvl of element and make it lvl1.
make the buffs we have to reach lvl2 and keep dbuffs.
the buffs we can stone Away anyways so this is not something that would hurt would just benefit from pve / bosshunt from that.
allso give all toons a skill witch dbuffs.
this could give a huge impact to all toons and classes. becouse as it is now yea ex rangers soo op invis is 100% eva dbuffs and speed.
witches got decay skill fail and debuff. this is a huge bonus and they can do greatly dmg. + they allso got speed more dmg then exrogues and stone + sleep
tk reflect is allso insainly op if u cant stone a tk u dont want to even fight it couse the they can just watch i try and heal owl / meds cure stone and add reflect.
i dont wanna go though all of it but this is some of the toons that got the grate benefits from element stage 2 and debuffs, while all other classes sort of got dumped on becouse of their set buff being trash and element on skills useless dmg wise.

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Tuesday, 24. October 2017, 09:30

Oh my...where should I start:

Exranger - The class is fine as it is, the issue here isn't capsule or even bloodboil. The main issue for all classes are the elements. These should not override the element of the opponent but only affect your own skills, so this has to be changed from the ground up for the class balancing to even make the slightest sense. After that you can work on adjusting skills.

Ex-Assasin - Their self heal already got changed and works only when they are in a party, outside of that the skill is useless, considering the long animation of it I do not see the point of nerfing this to 35%, especially since by the time they use the heal they might already be dead.
As to Animate Death skill - This skill already has a reduced chance to hit since it is affected by the % of anti-stone on your character. If your anti stone % is low the skill will land almost all of the time as opposed to proper resistances.
On a side note: Animate Death can easily be avoided if you know what you are doing, here is a tip: read the skill description and use your brain.

Ranger - The class seems to have a good balance but once again within the elemental system the damage output of it is very little compared to other classes, the only thing that makes up for it is Focus. Yes they need a buff of some sort, be it a small damage boost or movement speed boost.

Assasin - This class is a bit underpowered compared to all others, the damage output isn't high, the only elemental skill they have doesn't do much of damage. Bonus for them is Feign Death as they can drop the targeting from them, but they do need a buff to be able to properly compete against the rest.
Sidenote: there was a bug some time ago where rogue traps did insane damage and guess what everyone complained because it was simply too overpowered.

Invisibility skill is perfectly fine and suited for these 4, no need to remove it as you can easily counter it. what however should change it that the speed of the animation should be unified amongst these 4 so it has the same speed and it should be fixed that both potions of true sight (normal and advanced) have a chance to take ex-rogues out of invisibility cause right now, only the advanced potion works.

Your post seems to me awfully one sided.Rogues aren't the only ones needing buffs / nerfs, other classes need them aswel since some are far more broken than an exranger dealing huge damage.

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Monday, 15. January 2018, 19:56

Hi DynamicPineapple2,

Please break down your suggestions into each separate class/subclass as they are all different. Please remember to see if someone else has a thread opened already for suggestions for that class/subclass and respond to that.

Thank you.

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