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Monday, 11. June 2018, 00:11

Remove party-felllowship requirement

Remove fellowship/party requirements

A total of 15 Votes have been submitted.


No, it is fine as it is (6)


Yes, remove fellowship/party requirement to enter another area (9)

To enter Chapel or Laboratory we need to be in party / fellowship.
Today, it's outrageous we still have those kind of requirements.
I recommend those kind of requirements to be removed entirely.

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Monday, 11. June 2018, 09:58

Sadly this would take a lot of stuff to do this..It's nice to think of this to happen but it would be unlikely :(

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Monday, 11. June 2018, 12:17

The original idea behind this was to have it as a ‚raid‘ - which you obviously do with more people and not alone.
Sadly that didn’t work as intended. I think the fellowship requirements should be there but they need to change the exp in party or make the ‚raid‘ harder so you can’t go alone.

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Monday, 11. June 2018, 12:24

I like mazzacre's idea but, then u will get the problem people want it removed again because they cant find someone to help them do their raid.
But yeah i think the requirement is fine.
Aside from that if u cant find a party or a fellowship u can always choose to grind until u do find one. Or skip it all together and keep grinding on mobs u can reach without party or fellow.

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