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Monday, 11. June 2018, 23:21

P2 Buffs CD visible on hotbar


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I would like to be able to drag P2 pet's buff to the hotbar to see the cooldown, the same way you see the cooldown of your own skills. This would be specially helpful when using multiple Jag Cubs for example, since the cooldown is way longer than the duration of the buff, you need 3 jags to maintain Cheer all the time, and it can get tricky sometimes remembering which one is ready.

Maybe you could be able to drag the skill to the hotbar, or maybe add the cooldown animation over the P2 icon itself, so you don't require an additional space just to add the skill. If you like the idea, any suggestions you have as to how to implement something like this would be welcome, maybe there is a simpler solution to this problem.

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Tuesday, 12. June 2018, 02:35

The problem with that is the normal game mechanics will remove it from the bar as soon as you un-equip it. There would need to be a special pet cool down bar developed for each pet that you could see with a mouse over action.

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