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Sunday, 7. October 2018, 20:44

can not load the game

i keep getting a C0000005 access_violation error everytime i try to load the game any help would be awesome
uninstalled avg and that did not seem to help

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Sunday, 7. October 2018, 22:49

try reducing the video on the initial splash screen -

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Monday, 8. October 2018, 04:59

I would uninstall run a registry cleaner like ccleaner and they try download and install again. It is possible you have a corrupted file that did not patch right.

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Monday, 8. October 2018, 14:58

Uninstalling/disabling your Anti-virus after you have already received the error will not help you as the file which was blocked or removed will still remain so within the uninstalled/disabled anti-virus.

You will either need to uninstall/reinstall (if you removed the A/V as you said you did, which we do not recommend), or find the file within your anti-virus and resolve the conflict between the anti-virus and the game by ensuring the file is good and taking action.

Good luck.

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