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mercoledì, 12. dicembre 2018, 13:12

Npc naming..

this is an honest question:

Why are efforts and time being wasted to give npc's names, which most people couldn't care less about, instead of actually adding new content, which everyone cares about?

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mercoledì, 12. dicembre 2018, 13:29

Because adding new content requires developers coding and graphics arts making new items. Changing strings (such as names) is something I can do myself without the need of either and something I have been meaning to do since I began in 2014.

Some things take far less time to accomplish than others, but moving forward is always a good thing and should never be considered a waste of time. ;)

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mercoledì, 12. dicembre 2018, 13:40

I agree with Vilya, anything showing that someone cares to even fix the smallest thing is a step forward. Once things are not being changed at all, and we are getting no information, then prepare to close or be sold off like Aeria did us. I like the names, some are quite interesting. We might not have a patch, which is probably due to everything in house and more stringently tested and bug fixed on the spot, but this was a nice little update.

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